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  1. patch553

    Advice on doing 5k at Disney feb 2020

    Hi all I started doing couch to 5k 7 weeks ago now starting my 8th week so In a weeks time I should do my first 5k then I’m looking to do this every 3 days so 2 rest days and run on the third day. We will be visiting in February 2020 for 3 weeks I’m looking to do the 5k on the princess weekend...
  2. patch553

    5k on Disney cast away cay

    Hi all will be gong on my 4th Disney Cruise in feb 2020 not sure which one yet. My question is I know they do a 5k on the morning of cast away cay each cruise that goes there. Never done it before and want to do on my next cruise how do you sign up for it and find out information about it please...
  3. patch553

    Caribbean beach and Saratoga springs

    Hi I have started couch to 5k I’m on week 7😊 in nov we will be staying at Caribbean and Saratoga I want to keep up with my running on holiday as in the USA for 3 weeks. Have theses resorts got running tracks/ trails or do you just run round the resorts where ever you fancy ?? Thankyou
  4. patch553

    thanks giving traffic?

    just wondering has anybody travelled from north Carolina to Disneyworld the first weekend after thanks giving? is the traffic likely to b chaotic?should we leave super early? any input would b great thanks
  5. patch553

    british airways ?

    hi there, has anybody recently flown with BA? how was is it?
  6. patch553

    sports bar on castaway cay?

    hi there, bit of a late one but does anyone know if theres anywhere on castaway cay to catch live sports?
  7. patch553

    Grand Floridian villas views

    Hi there we are about 3 weeks away from our trip and just wanted to know what the views are goin to be like from the grand Floridian villas, we are booked to stay in the villas with a garden view room, any insight will be great thanks
  8. patch553

    atlanta hotspots??

    hi getting a little nervous about reading that it can be a nightmare driving through Atlanta.We are flying over from the uk in may doing a cruise to start then driving from wdw to Talladega and mapquest says we will driving up the I-75 to I-20 are these roads particularly busy? is there a time...
  9. patch553

    beauty and the beast onboard

    we sail on the dream in early may, what are the chances of seeing the new beauty and the beast in the cinema onboard?
  10. patch553

    pandora charms

    hi, can anyone advise me on the current line of Pandora charms available onboard at the moment please?is there any special lines or cruise only charms onboard,any info would be great thanks:)
  11. patch553

    Navmii us edition

    Does anybody have this app? If so would you recommend it,is it easy to use, does it drain you're battery much? Thanks for any input
  12. patch553

    magical expressback to wdw

    hi just a quick one,we will be using the magical express for our cruise in may for the first time(we usually drive ourselves) and wanted to know what sort of time we should be expecting to arrive back at disneys carribean beach resort? usually we are up early and off the ship as soon as we dock...
  13. patch553

    preferred rooms at caribbean beach

    hi there we have paid for preferred at Caribbean beach resort for may 2017, does anybody know what area wear are likely to staying in?
  14. patch553

    magical express leaving cruise

    we are cruising on the dream in may 2017 and itll be the first time using the magical express, our question is when leaving we will be heading to carribean beach resort but I'm guessing this will be way before check in so what do we do with our luggage? also has anybody used this service before...
  15. patch553

    magical express to the port

    we are going to use the magical express for our next cruise, leaving from the grand Floridian. our question is has anybody got any reviews or advice for us? what about our luggage? we usually drive to the port and drop our bags at the terminal before parking. any info would be great thanks
  16. patch553

    driving from wdw to talledega

    we are both huge Disney and nascar fans from the uk,we are planning to come back over in may and firstly going on the Disney dream for 4 nights then driving to Talladega super speedway for the race. our question is,is it a bad drive? mapquest says 9 hours basically up to Atlanta and across,has...
  17. patch553

    Caribbean beach reviews/tips

    We've been lucky enough to stay at all the other moderates over the years and next year we'll complete them all by staying at CBR, we've booked a preferred room, has anybody stayed there recently or have any reviews or tips? Any and all info will be great thanks x
  18. patch553

    saratoga springs reviews?

    we are currently deciding wether to stay at Saratoga or Coronado? we stayed at Coronado 6 years ago but are thinking of renting points at Saratoga so just wondered if anyone has stayed there recently and if you have any reviews of the place , thanks in advance
  19. patch553

    Saratoga or old key west

    Hi we are doing dvc next May which would you lovely people say is better out of Saratoga or old key west. Both same price so that doesn't come onto it. Just facility's and pool etc what's the difference please thank you in advance for your answers
  20. patch553

    Alamo at mco

    Just back from a lovely vacation but one thing that still bugs me is the guys at the Alamo desk at the airport ! We usually bypass them using the pre booked machines to prevent having to argue with them that we already have the fully comp insurance and breakdown services etc, but this time the...
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