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  1. KDM31091

    Magic Bands off property?

    If you are staying off property, it sounds like you do not get a Magic Band by default, which makes sense. I've read that you can still buy one, but is there really any point/advantage? I was hoping to link a CC to a Magic Band just for paying for merchandise around the parks, but it sounds like...
  2. KDM31091

    Going up to imageworks?

    I am wondering if anyone has had any success recently being allowed up to the old Image Works. I know some say the Future World tour takes you up there, but most of the accounts seem to be a few years old. Has anyone tried just politely asking a CM, even if not on the tour? I know it's...
  3. KDM31091

    JIYI updates?

    About a year ago there were a lot of rumors that Journey Into Imagination with Figment (or whatever it's called at the moment) was going to be closed and completely refurbished. There wasn't any mention of the upstairs, although I assume it will remain closed off. Are there any updates on when...
  4. KDM31091

    Fantasyland planters

    Just a question regarding the fantasyland work - I can't really find an answer for this in the actual thread. Why are they removing every single (it seems) planter in Fantasyland? It looks kind of open and barren, and I haven't find an answer as to why most of them are being removed? too much...
  5. KDM31091

    Are Body Wars and Cranium actually gone?

    Tried searching but cannot really find a solid answer. Are Body Wars and Cranium Command still intact but just hidden/walled off? Not that I expect they'd reopen, but are they even still there? Or have they been totally gutted and removed? I miss Wonders of Life, I accept that it is definetly...
  6. KDM31091

    Best time for waterparks but lower crowds?

    What is the best time of year to go where it's not crowded, but the waterparks are still enjoyable? Meaning a decent temperature so that you don't freeze your butt off. Planning a trip sometime in the spring 2011, but don't want to go during popular spring breaks/Easter time. So when would be...
  7. KDM31091

    Wonders of Life really gone for good?

    I have read a lot of threads on here about it, but I cannot find a conclusive answer that is recent. Is Wonders of Life really gone for good and never going to reopen? Sure, they took down the signage and stuff, but did they actually destroy the attractions? It was so outdated, but I did love...
  8. KDM31091

    A few random 20k questions

    Today I was thinking about 20K Leagues, and I thought of some random, pretty insignificant questions. But I figured you all wouldn't mind, lol. :ROFLOL: 1) So first of all I noticed in later 20k lagoon pics, sometime between 1999 and like 2004 when the lagoon left, the caves were draped with...
  9. KDM31091

    The MGM Hat

    Sorry to make 2 threads so close together...but I noticed the epcot wand thread. I'm so glad the wand is gone personally. It was cute enough for 2000 but it basically remained out of laziness, and should've been dismantled in 2001, not 2007, but at least it's gone. Anyways, that makes me think...
  10. KDM31091

    A few tomorrowland questions.

    Yeah as you can tell from past posts, MK's Tomorrowland is probably my favorite part of WDW, past and present. Of course I'm 16 so "past" is fairly recent, but you know what I mean. Anyways I just had a few questions, sort of regarding the past, but sort of not. 1) I remember reading that they...
  11. KDM31091

    Hair help

    Hey guys, can you help me? I'm confused about my hair. I want it long, well, i want it all the same length just an inch or so longer then the shoulders. Not too ridiculous. However, growing it out is frustrating especially the bangs. Does my hair look like a good candidate to be long? Should...
  12. KDM31091

    Superstar TV

    Is Superstar Television/Doug Live in MGM still empty? Any projects on the drawing board yet? I remember being there last summer. The last time I was there was when they had closed Superstar and were building Doug. Anyways, I realized that the empty building is pretty darn noticeable and...
  13. KDM31091


    With the Happiest Homecoming on Earth and now Year of a Million Dreams, I'm starting to wonder. Will there ever again be a time at Disney WITHOUT any special promotions?
  14. KDM31091

    When do you get excited?

    How soon is too soon to get hyped for a trip? 2 years ahead? 1 year? 6 months? When do you start to get excited about Disney trips? I tend to start thinking about it about a year in advance; from then on it basically consumes me on and off until the trip happens! How about you?
  15. KDM31091

    The TTA

    Does anyone get a little scared for the TTA? I LOVE THIS RIDE. It's practically my favorite in all of Disney World. Weird, but true. Anyways, Disney gives the ride absolutely NO TLC whatsoever. It seems to be getting more and more worn out. When I was there last summer, it basically stopped...
  16. KDM31091

    People with APs

    I've read a thread about going to WDW too much. Well, it seems like people who have APs go much less than I thought they did! For some reason, I pictured Florida Residents with APs living within an hour of the park or so would be going 2 times a month or something, but they only seem to go a...
  17. KDM31091

    Pros and cons of Florida

    I see a lot of people on various forums complaining that people should NOT move to Florida, it's becoming a lot more expensive, pushing out the middle class, etc. No offense but it seems like here in Delaware a lot of the prices are the same, so I don't see the deal with the "pushing out the...
  18. KDM31091

    Just some random thoughts

    I'm new here and have a lot of random WDW thoughts I didn't want to make 10 threads about. Just some general thoughts and comments intended to provoke a good discussion! :) *My name's Kevin, I'm about 16 years old and when I'm 18 I'm planning (with a roomate) to move near Disney, near Orlando...
  19. KDM31091

    WOL gone forever?

    I heard that as of January, WOL has been closed FOREVER. Is this true, and if so, are there future plans for the space, or will it become on of those "oh, it closed 10 years ago but it's just sitting there" kinda things?
  20. KDM31091

    The old Skyway - question

    I realize I'm new here, but being only 14 [15 on march 10 and going to WDW again this summer finally after 2 years!],most of my interests and questions end up being about old rides and attractions. Hopefully that's okay... Anyways, I'm wondering about the old Skyway to Fantasyland &...
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