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  1. Biff215

    Toy Story Land FP Dilemna

    At 60 days out today, and running into the TSL FP issue. Even with adding a second (mostly unnecessary) DHS day, we still can't FP all three TSL attractions. Slinky Dog is a no brainer for us, and originally I was thinking Aliens for our second day. Having second thoughts now as I find it...
  2. Biff215

    Diamond Horseshoe Changes So it looks like there will now be a la carte options available in addition to the fixed price all you can eat starting on May 23. Also alcohol was added, perhaps not surprisingly. I always felt...
  3. Biff215

    News Chuck McCann, Voice of Dreamfinder, Passes Away

    Chuck McCann, voice of Dreamfinder, Duck Tales, and others, has passed away at 83.
  4. Biff215

    RoL or Pandora???

    So we are at 60 days out and made our FP+ reservations this morning. My biggest disappointment is having one night at AK with the park closing at 9:30. With Rivers of Light at 8:45, it doesn't exactly allow you to enjoy multiple nighttime offerings (ToL, Safari, Pandora, etc). This will be...
  5. Biff215

    DVC Member Buys

    Probably won't change anything, but like the idea.
  6. Biff215

    Polynesian East Pool Refurb

    Although this was announced a while back as beginning in April, it will be officially closing tomorrow, July 13. We are here at the Poly now and received a message in the room yesterday. Since Tokelau is now open, you may want to request to stay away from the pool side if you don't want to look...
  7. Biff215

    Anniversary Ideas

    We will be in WDW for our 10th anniversary in about two weeks. We have two kids, ~2 and ~6. We are planning on relaxing at the pool all morning, and then heading into MK for the afternoon parade until our dinner at Narcoossee's. I had originally booked a fireworks cruise to surprise my wife, but...
  8. Biff215

    Eisner Resigns From Disney Board

    Haven't seen this posted yet: -Brian
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