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  1. Phicinfan

    Marvel has acquired the rights to Hulk and Namor per rumor

    Have seen multiple rumors that Mavel now has control of Hulk and Namor. More rumors now flying of the twists that could have on phase 4,5 and on..... 1) has Black Panther vs. Namor 2) Illuminati story line starting in Dr. Strange 2 3) A New Solo Hulk movie This has not been confirmed by...
  2. Phicinfan

    Epcot sub forum????

    just curious, as I haven't been around all that long.... but with all that was announced at D23, and confirmed....will there now be a sub-forum for Epcot work? so Move threads on GotG in UoE and Rat, and Coco rumor and spine and Epcot updates...oh and China film? I also ask again, we have one...
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