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  1. Evo

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    Can we bring back Great Movie Ride yet? 👀
  2. Evo

    How to: Need to change your username?

    Could you change mine to Evo please?
  3. Evo

    Grad Nite PICTURES

    I went to Grad Nite on the 23rd of April. My pics are posted here: :D
  4. Evo

    Vanessa Carlton Banned from EPCOT 10/22?

    I remember watching those bloopers.. That's funny. :lol::lol::lol:
  5. Evo

    WDWMagic Twitter Index :animwink:
  6. Evo

    Birthday Fun Card Question

    Thanks for the info..
  7. Evo

    Birthday Fun Card Question

    Can it be a copy of the birth certificate?
  8. Evo

    Birthday Fun Card Question

    It says here "If you are a Passholder or already have a Multi-Day ticket you will use on your birthday, go ahead and register and bring the free admission on Your Birthday confirmation and proper ID to the designated Will Call windows so you can choose from one of our other exciting birthday...
  9. Evo

    Small Studios Update

    I hope Luxo works when I see him on the 2nd of next month..
  10. Evo

    Birthday Fun Card Question

    Okay, so I've already have a ticket for the park. I'm going to the studios and want to get a Birthday Fun Card instead of the free ticket. Where do I need to go to get the Fun Card?
  11. Evo

    EpcotServo's June 23rd STUDIOS Update: I love...Lamp.

    Luxo is awesome! Can't wait to see him in 8 days on my birthday!
  12. Evo

    Luxo animatronic on-site behind construction screen at Pixar Place

    Guess Luxo will be there on my birthday then.. w00t!
  13. Evo

    Luxo animatronic on-site behind construction screen at Pixar Place

    Think the Luxo lamp be ready by the 2nd of July? Going for my birthday then..
  14. Evo

    EpcotServo's May 1st STUDIOS Update: Twenty-something

    Hope the 20th Anniversary Gallery is still around in July.. I totally want to see it! Awesome update!
  15. Evo

    Stitch Stage Show Update (4/1/09)

    When does the show open?
  16. Evo

    Country Celebrate You Song Download

    There's a Country version of the "Celebrate You" song on the DisneyParks site for download now.. Ev
  17. Evo

    Pinocchio's Marionette Garden Party opens at the Magic Kingdom

    Peter Pan's Flight is a Disneyland and Disney World.. o_o
  18. Evo

    Are you 23? Solved! Maybe....

    I saw a "Are You 23?" advertisment on the Disney Movie Rewards site.. :shrug:
  19. Evo

    Celebrate Today audio added after IllumiNations

    That's definitely not the Corbin Bleu version.. It's not that bad (to me, at least). Ev
  20. Evo

    Stitch's SuperSonic Celebration latest construction photos

    There will be sightings of Wall-E? Awesome! :sohappy: Ev
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