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  1. Evo

    Grad Nite PICTURES

    I went to Grad Nite on the 23rd of April. My pics are posted here: :D
  2. Evo

    Birthday Fun Card Question

    Okay, so I've already have a ticket for the park. I'm going to the studios and want to get a Birthday Fun Card instead of the free ticket. Where do I need to go to get the Fun Card?
  3. Evo

    Country Celebrate You Song Download

    There's a Country version of the "Celebrate You" song on the DisneyParks site for download now.. Ev
  4. Evo

    Passholder Question

    Can you still go to the park the day your pass expires? :cool: Ev
  5. Evo

    Passholder Tour Of The American Idol Experience

    From the Passholder website: i've got my 1:30 spot.. and spots are still availiable! Ev
  6. Evo

    Block Party Bash Video?

    I'm looking for the Block Party Bash from July 7th. I was celebrating my birthday at the studios. The Green Army Man after the Toy Story Float said "Happy Birthday, Evan!", or something like that. I was standing on the street edge of the street where you would turn to get to Tower of Terror. I...
  7. Evo

    Toy Story Mania! GAMES

    New Toy Story Mania! Games are now on the Site! You can play a Rex Game and a Jessie Game, and Coming Soon - You'll be able to build your own game! Ev
  8. Evo

    April Fool's Day

    Does Disney do anything for April Fool's Day at the parks?Ev
  9. Evo

    Extra Magic Hours?

    What Hotels/Resorts do you get Extra Magic Hours at? Ev
  10. Evo


    Wasn't sure where to ask this so move it if nessessary.. I was looking at some Mickey Monitor's I downloaded and noticed that some show up like this in preview: while others look like this: how can I make them show like the first picture? Ev
  11. Evo

    Epcot 25th

    I was if anyone happen to have an extra Figment Plush or T-Shirt (Medium) from Epcot's 25th Anniversary. I can't seem to find any good priced Figments on eBay, and can't the shirt at all.. Ev
  12. Evo

    Camera Help!!!!!

    Camera Help Needed Ah! I accidentily deleted my pictures off my camera and didn't put them on the computer yet! Is htere any way to save the pictures? Please Help Me!! :( Ev
  13. Evo

    WDWMAGIC Pass Question

    Is it possible to watch the Video from last night's Reflections of Earth New Year Eve show and Fantasy in the Sky new years Eve Special Edition 2007 with Perimeter Effects without a WDWMAGIC Pass? Ev
  14. Evo Makeover got a Makeover.. It's awesome!
  15. Evo

    B&TB Preshow

    Does anyone know where I can find a video of Beauty & the Beast's Preshow (Studios)?
  16. Evo

    EPCOT 25th Map, Time Guide, + Button?

    I was wondering if anyone had an extra EPCOT 25th Map, Time Guide, + Button they could possibly send me. If someone could that'd be awesome! See Ya!
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