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  1. EPCOT-O.G.

    Protestors Pop the Disney/NBA Bubble?

    Interesting. The NBA players (and the NBA by extension) have probably done more than any other athlete group to publicly advance the issues of the BLM movement.
  2. EPCOT-O.G.

    How committed is WDI to the Batuu / Galaxy’s Edge original concepts?

    I’ve been following this land’s development for some time on here and elsewhere, and have had the fortune to visit both. For a multitude of reasons I don’t think I need to rehash, it seems that original design concepts have never been fully implemented, or abandoned wholesale. It’s clear that...
  3. EPCOT-O.G.

    Best off-site delivery for pizza to resorts (Poly)

    We’re at the Poly right now and thinking of ordering delivery pizza. What’s our best option ?
  4. EPCOT-O.G.

    News Storms a brewin’ in the Atlantic

    So with the dropping numbers and our local school district’s decision to go remote learning, we worked up enough courage to do a quick trip to visit in less than two weeks. Refundable airfare booked (yay SWA!) and was about to pull the trigger on a room but now see there’s a series of developing...
  5. EPCOT-O.G.

    Don't make an "X-Wing Coaster" - make a Soarin'/FOP X-Wing ride

    I know there's a lot of chatter about the need to build an X-Wing coaster. It seems Disney already has ready-made tech that is mind-blowing and highly popular for years and years - the Soarin'/Flight of Pandora tech. Instead of a conventional roller coaster, why don't they retrofit the Pandora...
  6. EPCOT-O.G.

    How busy will Disneyland be once Annual Passholders opened up?

    We have a trip planned in a few weeks and I've noticed now that everyone's back to school the midweek crowds have been relatively light. I know historically September is a pretty light month (which is why we booked) but any thoughts on how insane it's going to be in the next few weeks?
  7. EPCOT-O.G.

    Guesstimate of hours for trip later this year (September 2019)?

    I've looked through here, and on various websites, but have no idea how to know what the expected hours might be at the various parks. We have a DLR trip scheduled for the week after Labor Day, and the official calendar doesn't post times past mid-August. Is there some resource that might have...
  8. EPCOT-O.G.

    Disneyland App no longer showing wait times

    I wanted to check the present wait times for DLR rides, because I could not believe how short many of them have continued to be. The App just advised it was unable to show them. Is anyone else having this issue? Given that they've been bashed about the head the last few days, is this just a...
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