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  1. jasonchas

    A very silly website

    I like this.. Services and amenities at Disney’s Abreast Resort cover digital TV with Disney programming, internet access, allowance service, babyminding casework and spa services. What do we call babysitters now? babyminding caseworkers?
  2. jasonchas

    WDW Picture of the Day

    You found Nemo!
  3. jasonchas

    Mystery Building???

  4. jasonchas

    Samatha Brown (Travel Channel) Own Pictures from WDW

    I lover her also. If I was straight, I would love to date her.. Or at least go on vacation with her.
  5. jasonchas

    Disney Railroad

    I thought the same thing! ha
  6. jasonchas

    WDW Picture of the Day

    I agree.. And the framed photo in each pic is a bit weird. Not to be mean.. It's just odd.
  7. jasonchas

    How late do the pools stay open?

    That was the point I was going to make.. For the most part you can swim 24/7 as long as you behave.
  8. jasonchas

    Choose my Resort for Me

    Wilderness Lodge
  9. jasonchas

    Book thru Agent or direct?

    I was very happy with Kingdom Konsultants when I booked my last trip.
  10. jasonchas

    WDW Picture of the Day

    Oh I love WL. My first time there in 1999 we were in the hot tub and a snake came out of the blue and headed toward the hot tub we we in. I ran like a baby. Another guy that was in the hot tub grabbed it and threw it in the woods. You have to love Disney theming.
  11. jasonchas

    Dole Whips....outside of the parks?

    I could also go for a Dole float about now. Yummy.
  12. jasonchas

    Dole Whips....outside of the parks?

    Man.. I love those things..
  13. jasonchas

    Character Meal for adults?

    I like O'Hana for breakfast.
  14. jasonchas

    WDW Show Mid-Late 80s Disney Channel

    If you are talking about those "shorts" with the guy and the couch, I found them on youtube not long ago. However, I can't find them now.
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