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  1. jasonchas

    Disney Quest vs. Dave and Busters

    I have never understood why the DQ concept never caught on. We have a D&B here in Providence and it has been very successful. Granted, they are slightly different concepts, and I love D&B for a night out with the guys, but I think that DQ would have been a hit as well.. Your thoughts?
  2. jasonchas

    I miss El Pirata y el Perico

    I wish it was still open year round. I loves me some taco salad.
  3. jasonchas

    Customized Resort Maps

    I never received mine. Any clue where to find the link again to order new ones? Thanks for your help..
  4. jasonchas

    Disney Parks DVD

    I finally got my Disney Parks Vacation DVD today. Overall.. Not bad. DL and WDW are both in the same DVD which I liked. I have to admit that it’s not as good as the specific park DVD’s . But, not bad at all.
  5. jasonchas


    I know this may not be the place, but we watched Cars for the first time tonight and we loved it. I plan on going out tomorrow and buying the Car’s DVD and soundtrack. However, I would love to have the Rascal Flatts video of Life is a Highway. I know it wasn’t on the DVD. Is it included on...
  6. jasonchas

    Epcot wand coming down? is reporting: We've heard that engineers have been assigned to the Spaceship Earth wand at Epcot to assess what is the most practical way of removing the icon in 2007. Hmm.. I hope so...
  7. jasonchas

    Anything I shouldn't miss at POR

    Next week we will be staying at POR. Is there anything we should put on our "don't miss"list? I've never stayed at POR. Any hints or tips about the resort? Thanks
  8. jasonchas

    What is the best buffets to eat for breakfast and dinner?

    What is the best buffets to eat for breakfast and dinner? We are going to Ohana's one morning, but we would like other options.
  9. jasonchas

    The Hulk at WDW - Confused co-worker

    I had to hold back laughter yesterday when a co-worker was telling me about her recent trip to WDW. She and her boyfriend also went to Universal while in central Fl. Obviously she isn’t a die hard Disney fan like us, she kept mixing up Universal attractions with WDW attractions. I’m convinced...
  10. jasonchas

    Expert help

    I want to go to WDW in Feb. When is the best and cheapest time to go? Moderate or value resorts is fine (however I’ve never stayed in one). We are thinking about Pop to save some money. Thanks for your help.
  11. jasonchas

    Resort Choice

    Hi.. I’m planning a trip to WDW the first or second week in Feb. I always stayed in deluxe resorts and never stayed in a value or moderate resort. This trip I plan on going by myself. Since I stay in the parks all day long I’m looking at staying at a value. If you had a choice- which value...
  12. jasonchas

    Phase II of Pop Centry

    Does any one know what they do with Phase II of Pop Centry? Are the unfinished building just stitting there empty? Any workd on when they will finish them?
  13. jasonchas

    Feb Trip

    After my past trip this Dec, I feel in love with WDW in the winter time. I've been 13 times and this was the first time I visited in the winter and it was great. I plan on going back in 2006 before the 50th ends. I thought about Feb or March. Any suggestions on which week isn't busy and...
  14. jasonchas

    Resort that you would like to live at.

    Going along with the "which attraction would you live in" post.. If you had a choice, which RESORT would you like to live at forever?
  15. jasonchas

    Old Epcot entrance

    I was missing WDW today and decided to look at my pictures from Christmas. As I was looking at my Epcot pics I started missing the old entrance. Back in the day when the fountain had the crystal thing in the middle. Before that tacky wand and what I really hate is "Leave a Legacy". The entrance...
  16. jasonchas

    Theme Park Music

    Hi.. A few months ago I found a great Disney song site. It was called Sounds of Magic or something. However, I cant find it now and I want to listen to some theme park music. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
  17. jasonchas

    Pop Century

    Hi, I have a question about the second part of Pop Century. I think it was started a couple of years ago, but never finished. If so, does anyone have pics of it? Does anyone know when they plan on completing it? Thanks
  18. jasonchas

    Christmas at the Poly

    10 of us will be at the Poly Dec 26-Jan 3. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks
  19. jasonchas

    WDW Music

    Hi, I'm looking for WDW music. I have seen many great links here that gave great suggestions for finding WDW ride and park music. However, I can’t find them. Can anyone help me? Thanks very much J
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