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  1. Cake

    News Rafiki's Planet Watch is closing Oct. 21st will reopen in Summer 2019

    I’m bummed. 😥 This is the only place in AK you can actually touch animals. I know they aren’t wild animals, but those goats, pigs, donkeys, llamas are just adorable. I also feel bad for all the kids that won’t be able to visit and pet the animals. I think the animals will get lonely.
  2. Cake

    News Gotta Pay2Play: Paid FP on the way!

    Not sure your point, but it sounds like you agree it’s a free country ;)
  3. Cake

    News Gotta Pay2Play: Paid FP on the way!

    I’m sorry I had fast fingers and replied to your question to another poster. I didn’t mean to jump in. :oops:
  4. Cake

    News Gotta Pay2Play: Paid FP on the way!

    I presented my opinion. If you disagree that’s okay. You don’t have to be an [***] if I don’t agree with my opinion.
  5. Cake

    Never go to the park without a bag.

    We tried that the next time through and it was faster.
  6. Cake

    News Gotta Pay2Play: Paid FP on the way!

    Wow! This announcement has generated a lot of conversation. I’m a little late to the party and I tried to read everyone’s comments, but to be honest..there’s a diverse group here. My opinion is good for WDW. There are families that will pay this premium and those that will not. So is life...
  7. Cake

    Inside Enzo's Hideway

    This is more like it. Why didn’t they put this effort into the restaurant Enzo (can’t even remember the name of the restaurant it was so bland). I love the option to bring your own wine with no corkage fee!!! There are many times I don’t order wine because it is so overpriced, and I don’t...
  8. Cake

    'Maria and Enzo' Italian Restaurant coming to Disney Springs this fall

    I’m not one to say negative things about a restaurant because 1) I haven’t worked in a restaurant since I was in college; 2) the restaurant industry is tough..they all work very hard, but I have to agree with MisterPenguin’s assessment. I was surprised at the blandness of it all. Maybe it will...
  9. Cake

    "Do not disturb" signs being removed from resort rooms

    I’d say yes, yes, yes
  10. Cake

    POP Century - information needed

    I have stayed at all the value resorts and Pop Century is our fav! It is easy to get to/from the buses - it’s a short walk. We stayed over Thanksgiving weekend and got one of the refurbished rooms. Nice! My only criticism is the floors are now fake hardwood and if you have someone above you...
  11. Cake

    "Do not disturb" signs being removed from resort rooms

    I’m not an attorney, but this doesn’t smell right. Hotel guests do have a reasonable expectation to privacy. I would assume that if the hotel suspected a guest was doing something illegal or a guest was hurt, then they could get into the room. However, for hotel staff to randomly come into a...
  12. Cake

    "Do not disturb" signs being removed from resort rooms

    I thought the same thing since they now allow dogs at a few of the resorts.
  13. Cake

    Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! announced for nov/dec on MDE

    I loved this show! Combined with snow on Sunset Blvd. it was magical
  14. Cake

    Memory Dump: Comment your favotite!

    My first trip to MK we had breakfast at the Crystal Palace, and it was my birthday. Pooh came by our table, gave me a birthday kiss and picture with me. I still treasure that picture. :inlove: I was in my mid 30s, now I’m... older...but I’m younger at heart
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