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  1. Dumbo2675

    2017 Possible Vacation

    Are you able to get the Disney Dinning Plan if you stay at the Fort Wilderness Campground with a camper that you rent from Florida RV? What about staying in the Cabins at the Campground do you get the meal plan with them?
  2. Dumbo2675

    2017 Christmas Decorations

    I was wondering if anyone will know when the Christmas Decorations will go up around Walt Disney World and when they will come down for 2017 season?
  3. Dumbo2675

    D23 Member or Not?

    How can somebody find out if they are members to the D23 Disney Fan Club or not? I thought I joined some time ago but at this time I can't remember if I ever did or not.
  4. Dumbo2675

    Disney Wonder

    I can't seem to find out anything from Twitter so I came to here. Does the Disney Wonder still sail out of Galveston,TX?
  5. Dumbo2675

    First Cruise

    When going on your first cruise what deck is best to be on for your room ?
  6. Dumbo2675

    The Magic of Disney Animation

    I am sorry to be asking this if it has already been discussed on here by why did they close The Magic of Disney Animation facility?
  7. Dumbo2675

    Memory Maker

    Can someone explain the memory maker to me. We payed for it for our trip and now getting ready to look at the pictures. Do you have to buy the photos as well?
  8. Dumbo2675

    Magic Kingdom

    On our recent trip to the Happiest place on earth I was wondering over at Magic Kingdom as you walk in the walkway as you approach the gates they have names on bricks. How do you go about getting information on this?
  9. Dumbo2675


    Why would the Hall of Presidents say closed on their hours?
  10. Dumbo2675

    Travel Times

    When someone lands at the Orlando airport and connects with the Magic Express to the Parks about how long would it take to get to the All Star Sports Resort?
  11. Dumbo2675

    Rental Boats at Walt Disney World

    Do they still rent the small boats in Disney World?
  12. Dumbo2675

    All Star Sports Resort

    How can we find out where our preferred room will be located before we get there? Our Trip is schedule for Oct. 8 thru Oct. 12.
  13. Dumbo2675

    Refillable drink mugs

    What is the latest info on these mugs? I have seen different forms on these from several minutes between refills, or can only use in your resort, to can use them in any park, too 2 minutes between refills. Please advise as we have our trip plan coming up in October.
  14. Dumbo2675

    refurbishments for October 2014

    Is there somewhere I can find what attractions might be closed for refurbishment for our trip in October 2014?
  15. Dumbo2675

    Discounts for our trip in October '14

    Is there any word or a chance for any discounts we might have for our trip in October 8th thru 12th? Does not hurt to ask or to try to save a few bucks. Even if we don't we still have a great time still the same cause being in the happiest place on earth is worth any discount.
  16. Dumbo2675

    keys to the kingdom cards vs the new magic bands

    Did the new magic bands that are out did they replace the Keys to the Kingdom cards you use to get at check-in when you arrived for your stay?
  17. Dumbo2675

    Trip Countdown

    How can I keep my trip countdown up in the two places like I see in other people postings? the one place is in their text and the other is at the bottom of their posting
  18. Dumbo2675

    Bus Transportation

    Did I see something awhile back that the Pop Century has their own bus transportation to the parks? ans so it doesn't share with the others like All Stars resorts.
  19. Dumbo2675

    Countdown your Trip

    How can you access this? It is still available? It was nice to see who else was going to be in the Disney Parks the same time.
  20. Dumbo2675

    DisneyWorld Trip February 2014

    Is it possible to be able to purchase tickets to go to Hoop De Doo Musical Revue if your not booking or staying on Disney Property? Also can you purchase a meal plan thru Disney if you don't stay on site? We were thinking about purchasing a four day or five day hopper pass ticket to be able to...
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