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  1. Worldlover71

    Antenna Topper locations?

    This is the first time I realized that cars don't have antenna anymore! (In my defense, I live in New York and don't have a car.)
  2. Worldlover71

    Movies That Don't Get Any Love

    For those looking for Herbie, there is a whole section at All Star Movies dedicated to The Love Bug. You can even get a picture with him. He also used to be part of Lights! Motor! Action! and before that, the Backlot Studio Tour.
  3. Worldlover71

    Are smart phones essential at the parks?

    I believe that the only thing that cannot be done without a smartphone is getting a boarding group for RotR. Technically, you can get one from a cast member. However, everything that I've heard says that only the first person or two on line actually gets one because the spots fill up within...
  4. Worldlover71

    Rivers of Light closing

    I found it pleasant but lackluster when I saw it last July. I'm okay with something new.
  5. Worldlover71

    Your Disney Memorabilia

    I keep most of my stuff together, though there are a few things scattered around.
  6. Worldlover71

    Disney's Magical Express will discontinue luggage delivery service

    I agree that this is a temporary, cost-saving matter. That said, there is currently a high speed rail system being built that will connect Miami to MCO. That line is expected to then continue to WDW on its way to Tampa. When that happens, I have a feeling that DME will be discontinued. Some...
  7. Worldlover71

    What wouldnt be built today?

    Though I love them both, I don't think The American Adventure or The Hall of Presidents would be built today. This is for a few reasons. First, many people are uninterested in semi-educational attractions which they might perceive as dull or dry. Second, they are both long presentations and...
  8. Worldlover71

    Bring over one attraction from Disneyland (and where you would put it)

    Indiana Jones in Adventureland is my first choice. Others I would love are Radiator Springs Racers which I would place in the Studios where the stunt show is now, and Roger Rabbit either in Fantasyland (needs more dark rides) or on Sunset Blvd in the Studios. I know lots of people don't like...
  9. Worldlover71

    What music from the parks/movies, etc. do you love playing at home ???

    For background music, I like the MK entrance loop and the Magical Express loop. To really feel the magic, I like the DL Fantasmic and Remember Dreams Come True.
  10. Worldlover71

    My last photo from my last to send yours?

    No one was driving behind us, so we stopped to get this picture on the way out last July.
  11. Worldlover71

    Taking 4 month old baby

    My first trip to Disneyland was at two weeks old. Obviously I don't remember it, but I have great pictures and bragging rights! September is during hurricane season so be prepared for possible storms and a lot of rain. Most babies that young sleep a good part of the day so it will probably be...
  12. Worldlover71

    A little help needed for a 3 generation trip!

    For three adults, you may find the value resort rooms a bit small, even if you don't plan to spend much time in the room. The larger rooms and nicer theming at the moderate resorts might work better for you. The added expense is worth it to me because of the Magical Express from the airport and...
  13. Worldlover71

    Could Toy Story Land get an expansion or a additional ride?

    As you enter Toy Story Land, they are building the new BBQ restaurant on the right. Beyond that is a backstage parking garage. It is unlikely they would want to eliminate that, but it is technically possible. Also, they could use the current One Man's Dream building by making an entrance at what...
  14. Worldlover71

    My Uncle is CRAZY!!! - Not planning

    We have reached a point at WDW where those who plan and those who do not have very different experiences. I have had a few people tell me that their trip was just ok. When I asked them what was negative about it, almost everything could have been improved with a little planning (not every...
  15. Worldlover71

    Disney whirlwind, four parks in a day

    I did all 4 parks as a self-challenge on the 45th anniversary back in October 2016. Its is not for everyone and not for every trip, but I had a great day. I started and ended in MK and went to/on at least two attractions in each of the other three parks. I also went back to my room to shower and...
  16. Worldlover71

    Magic Kingdom Fireworks Tips and Tricks

    I like watching from the center of the hub near the Partners statue or a little behind. It is close enough to see the castle projections well, but far enough back to see all the fireworks. Once you get to Main Street proper, it's a bit harder to see the projections well. I have never waited...
  17. Worldlover71

    WDW Favorite Attraction Bracket Polls-Round #2-Group #11 (3 of 4 in this round)

    I'm surprise that so many people picked NRJ. I thought it was pretty, but that's about it. It would have been last on my list.
  18. Worldlover71

    Dinoland Replacement Poll

    Get rid of the carnival, but keep the Dino theme. Add a walk-through like in Asia and Africa, with birds and reptiles since they descend from the dinosaurs. It also needs a family friendly ride. Maybe a dark ride like Peter Pan where we fly on a pterodactyl.
  19. Worldlover71

    WDW Favorite Attraction Bracket Polls-Round #2-Group #10 (2 of 4 in this round)

    Happily surprised that LWTL is doing so well. Disappointed that ETR isn't.
  20. Worldlover71

    WDW Favorite Attraction Bracket Polls-Round #1-Group #8 of 8

    I know it is an off-the-shelf, carnival-type ride, but what is more Disney than Dumbo? I can't imagine WDW without it.
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