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  1. photoginit

    On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

    Yep, NY, NJ, CT are huge markets for Disney World and all for those states require a 2 Week quarantine if you come here. If I was Disney I would be ****ed at the Governor and state government in Florida for their completely incompetent response to the Coronavirus.
  2. photoginit

    On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

    Well then you might as well cancel your AP because masks aren't going away anytime soon. Not until there is a vaccine.
  3. photoginit

    New Cirque du Soleil 'Drawn to Life' show in development to replace La Nouba

    Everyone at Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando have been let go. They were previously furloughed. Still trying to find which other shows are done. Vegas shows are the only shows that are safe for now.
  4. photoginit

    News Universal lays off workers - Is Disney far behind them to make up for losses??

    No they haven't and probably won't anytime soon. Things are going to get really bad in the Orlando area once the federal unemployment benefits run out.
  5. photoginit

    News PHOTOS - Construction on some new projects comes to a halt at Walt Disney World

    It's interesting how they have stopped construction but moat other construction projects around town are still going.
  6. photoginit

    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    These are well needed in Epcot esp with all the food booths. They really need to up the amount of custodial. They should be constantly cleaning all those tables scattered around World Showcase.
  7. photoginit

    Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

    Maybe at a Disney owned park. Dreaming Up and Dreamlights are twice the size of FOF and MSEP
  8. photoginit

    MSEP to Return to WDW for 50th Celebration?

    They can in Japan and constantly update it.
  9. photoginit

    REVIEW - Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    The droids, the walkaround residents of Batuu, Smugglers, etc, the interactivity of working for the Resistance or First Order, the battles and other mini shows that would randomly break out were all annouced in multiple interviews and panels at Star Wars Celebration. The entertainment budget at...
  10. photoginit

    News Dismal Q3 Earnings

    From what I've heard at least at Walt Disney World the entertainment budget aka Streetmosphere for SWGE was cut 80-90 percent. So much for all that interactivity and Black Spire Outpost residents going around and occasional battles or scenes happening like Imagineering promised.
  11. photoginit

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Was in Galaxy's Edge on Sunday. I am a huge Star Wars fan since i was 6 years old and while the land is beautiful and the details are amazing it feels completely lifeless. The first time I went into HogsMeade, Diagon Alley and even Pandora my jaw was on the floor and even got emotional and was...
  12. photoginit

    News Tomorrowland love

    I would expect Space Mt to limp along until after the 50th when it will finally get a full track replacement. Hopefully they can keep spot welding the problem areas and not end up with what happened at Disneyland.
  13. photoginit

    Overnight parking charges to increase at Walt Disney World Resort hotels June 2019

    These parking fees really punish the Florida Residents who often come for the weekend or a few days and almost always drive. I really don't know why anyone would stay on property anymore. It just isn't worth it.
  14. photoginit

    Rumor Country Bear Jamboree to be Replaced by Toy Story Show?

    This wouldn't surprise me. I was hoping for a massive refurbishment and maybe bringing back all 3 shows for the 50th. Which you know would make sense even if they updated them. And don't tell me if they brought the Christmas show back it wouldn't be packed every performance. After seeing...
  15. photoginit

    News ‘Rivers of Light: We Are One’ coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom summer 2019

    Well he did oversee Dreaming Up(best Disney Daytime parade ever) and Celebrate Tokyo Disneyland(best Castle projection show)
  16. photoginit

    News ‘Rivers of Light: We Are One’ coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom summer 2019

    Pretty much until they fix the crappy giant water screens and the lack of a real finale throwing IP at this show will not fix it.
  17. photoginit

    Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Plans

    Well, we could get a Celebrate Tokyo Disneyland style show to replace Once Upon a Time since CTDL is mostly a projection show. I would be fine with that if they keep Happily Ever After. They just need to add about 50 more spotlights to match how many Tokyo Disneyland has. 😉
  18. photoginit

    News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life

    I imagine those spaces will be for the meet and greets going in there.
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