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    AKL room service

    First time staying at AKL. Does anyone know if room service can be ordered from Saana since it's not in the main lodge building?
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    MK after hours question

    Do most of these sell out? We are going on 3/2 but not getting our APs until we arrive on 2/27. I Iave a tennis tournament the weekend before. We're debating on buying the after hours tickets now and hope once we get our APs that we'll get a credit for the difference. We are concerned they...
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    Need EPCOT assistance

    Is there a rhyme or reason for the busses to Epcot from Pop??? We are staying there too and I know they are doing the hourly.
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    Need EPCOT assistance

    Thanks... that's all I needed. I wasn't sure if it was at the bus stops, etc...
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    Need EPCOT assistance

    Hi all....Disney veteran with lots of knowledge but there's a couple of things regarding EPCOT that I need assistance with due to recent changes. First time going to Epcot with the wall maze and I know the only way past SSE is to the right. The question I have is what would the best direction...
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    Next Gen Busses

    The USB ports are going to cause issues. Someone who isn't sitting is going to reach down without asking to plug it in and touch someone's leg and it's going to get ugly. Think of how most people are miserable and tired at the end of the night, etc... I'm not a conspiracy theorist or doom and...
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    Heat and humidity tips

    Hydration, as most have said, is huge. A few other things however that we found make an absolute enormous difference. 1) Dri-fit shirts.......wear this only. This is such a game changer in the heat for us (adults and children). Bonus is that it dries faster door comfort after Splash and...
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    Opinion -- FP Time on First Day

    You'll have plenty of time.
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    Worst Walt Disney World Attraction

    Not even good enough to "be called anything ride other than crap". It's just awful.
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    Worst Walt Disney World Attraction

    Three Caballeros or Alien Saucers. Either way, that's time I will never get back in my life. They are both absolutely abysmal.
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    Second Week of January Weather Experience

    I'm from the Albany area and you'd be surprised how 50-60 doesn't feel as warm as you would think. Just sayin
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    Second Week of January Weather Experience

    Highs anywhere between 55-75. Lows around 40-50. We have done January the past two years for festival of the arts but we are done going in January due to the weather not being to our liking.
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    News Is Carousel of Progress getting a major refurb?

    One if the funniest posts I've ever seen 😂
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    Magical Express Bag Check?

    I was told the touch point at the DME check in is what triggers the luggage to go to the resort but it never made sense to me. It's definitely not "allowed" but many people will always do what they want
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    Pro Bow Week

    2018 Pro Bowl week was insane from Wed-game day. Multiple friends of ours who are locals and APs for several years said it rivaled February break week and some spring break weeks.
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    How could Galaxy's Edge go wrong?

    My best friend is a self-professed SW geek....he thinks many of the "not living in reality" fans are going to be disappointed/angry because it's not based on a land that currently exists. The rest of the SW fandom will be thrilled.
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    Next few days

    How busy is the marathon weekend overall (in comparison to pro bowl week) and how long does that crowd last into the week after the race?
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