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  1. Amos1784

    Christmas Music at WDW

    Anyone know when they stop playing the Christmas music around the resort? We will be there 12/30-1/11 I am hoping by the end we will get some regular background music? I enjoy the Christmas music however really missed the normal background loops while we were there over Thanksgiving last year.
  2. Amos1784

    Dessert Party on Holidays? Specifically NYE

    Does anyone know if they offer Desert parties at MK or Epcot on NYE? I can't find any information on it and my assumption is no but figured I would see if anyone has attended or knows? Next choice would probably be to rent a boat cruise, how far out are you able to reserve those, 180 as well...
  3. Amos1784

    AP Discounts

    Any one have an idea when AP discounts are normally announced? How far in advance? I know now there are deals out through 6/30 however I am looking to sneak a trip in Late July/early August before the crazy ensues. I am hoping that that time frame will not be forgotten about before the opening...
  4. Amos1784

    St Pat's 5k?

    I know I have been there previously where certain resorts hold 5k's in the morning around the holidays. Does anyone know if any of the resorts do this for St. Patrick's day? We will be there this year staying in the Cabin's at Ft. Wilderness and typically we always run a 5k at home on St...
  5. Amos1784

    Snowing on Main Street

    Does anyone know if there is anytime besides the Christmas Parties that you can see it snow on Main Street. We have been to multiple very merry parties and aren't doing one this year, however this is really the only part of the party we will miss, it really is magical, but I'm guessing that it...
  6. Amos1784

    Rope Drop

    Fairly newbies to Disneyland/Cali Adventure and MaxPass only been once before and never with MaxPass, we frequent WDW. We plan on purchasing Max Pass as we will only be there for two days. Can anyone confirm what is hit hardest at rope drop? Guardians or Radiator Springs, trying to decide which...
  7. Amos1784

    Rain...Parks operations?

    We have a trip planned for Friday-Thursday coming up here and well as everyone knows the forecast is not great. If this was a trip we had been planning forever there would be no question we would be going, however we tend to go around 3 times a year so do have the ability to move it (losing our...
  8. Amos1784

    Magical Express/New Reservation

    So we have booked a last minute trip. I booked about a week ago and luckily got Magical Express tickets yesterday. The problem with that is since that I have cancelled that reservation and re-booked. We are still arriving on the same flight and still staying at the same resort, I just found a...
  9. Amos1784

    DVC Lounge

    Does anyone know how strict they are on letting people up to the lounge? My parents are long time DVC members, I am now married therefore have a different last name then what is on the card that they previously would give us each trip to use. What do you think the odds are of being able to get...
  10. Amos1784

    California Grill Brunch

    Anyone know if there is any chance for walk up's for Brunch? It's showing as booked the weekend that we are there, I'm guessing no but didn't know if anyone had any experience with it.
  11. Amos1784

    Resort reservation inconsistencies?

    I'm a fan of MDE for many reasons, I might be in the minority but overall we like the additions that it has brought. Easy dining reservations, easy access to FP from your phone etc. HOWEVER, and a big however making resort reservations is increasingly frustrating. I don't understand how I can...
  12. Amos1784

    No Availability? Feb 2018

    We are looking to book a trip over Presidents Day weekend. While I know the crowd will be higher over this time, using MDE it is showing no availability anywhere. Anyone know what could be causing this as I am sure not everything is completely booked. I have changed date ranges from 2/13-2/19...
  13. Amos1784

    50's Prime Time, what happened??

    We just returned from an extended vacation and had so many memorable meals. However, Prime Time is not one that could be added to that mix in my opinion. We had by far one of the best servers "cousin's" we have ever had, without her the meal would have been a complete waste, she was an absolute...
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