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    Dvc or no dvc

    My wife does not want to do a DVC membership because we do the Dave Ramsey thing and he Is so against time shares, I want a DVC when we can afford it. What do you suggest those of you who do the Dave Ramsey. DVC or no DVC?
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    DVC points

    I am so sorry if this has already been asked. I honestly don't want to sit here and read through everything right now. I am looking into buying DVC. I was wondering if I buy 50 points every year does that mean I get 50 this year and next and if I don't use them for 4 years will I have 200 points...
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    Alcohol In Disney World

    Where is wine served or margaritas in Walt Disney? How much are they?
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    WDW with a wheelchair

    I am going to be going to WDW in June and My wife is in a wheelchair, How does all the rides and shows work with a person in a wheelchair? She can walk but only when someone helps her walk.
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    Build your own Disney World park!

    Is there any such thing out there, I had a thought the other day like Sim City but it be Sim Disney, where you could build your own thee park. So my question is, is there anything out there aldy like this?
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    Camera advice

    I am looking into this camera, Sony DSC-H50/B 9.1-Megapixel Digital Camera. Does anyone know if this camera is a good one? would you recammened this camera to anyone? Thank you.:king: also is it a dslr-like?
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    Sony DSC-H50/B 9.1-Megapixel Digital Camera

    Does anyone know if this camera is a good one? would you recammened this camera to anyone? Thank you.:king:
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    Pirets of the carribean on dvd

    sorry for not searching but I have a friend h\who is asking and I figured this is the fastest way sence I cant spell when Does the 3rd pirets come out on dvd? Thanks
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    High School Musical 2

    I am sorry I did not do a search yet my computer is going slow that is why. Has anyone haveany info on this I just found out that they were making another one the other day and I could not find any info thank you.
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    Hard drive camcorders!

    I am looking into a Camcorder but I want your input on what one to buy. I want a Hard drive but I dont even know if that is the best way to go. I dont care about the price anything will help thank you?
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    Disney Marathon

    I read that ESPN is sponering the Marathon,so I was wondering is it televised?
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    Has anyone heard or seen someting on a product about I have no Ideal what it is or what it does. I am at work and seen it on a desk. I think it is made by Sender then it says and underneath that is says MyVideo all one word. It looks like it is used with video camcordes but I am...
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    would'nt it be cool?

    would'nt it be cool if there was a famous actor or actress (Billy Ray Cyrus or Brenda Song Ext.) on these fourms?
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    J-14 Magizene

    I just saw on because of one of my co-workers and there was a lot of Disney Channel stuff in it. I did not get to look at it. my co-worker just bought it so she wanted to read it.
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    What happend to robfasto? I have not heard from him in like forever.
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    why does it skip then freeze?

    all the home made movies that I put on dvd on all dvd players are playing for a while then it skips for a moment then freeze and you cant do anything after that why is this? It acts like if the disc is getting too hot put the disk is not hot and in that case why are not all dvds doing that...
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    Question about 7-01-06

    Is anything going on that night? a group that I listen to on the radio will be there on that night. the group is Pocket Full Of Rocks if you want to look them up.
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    Where is?

    Where is World showplace in Epcot?
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    need help with computer

    when you copy things and it does not give you an option where to copy it to, If I remeber right it goes into your clip board. So how do you get to your clip board? I have windows xp thank you
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    trip Planning

    I hope this makessence I have a question. Is there any placeon the internet that you can tell the map the roads you want to take and it will tell you how far it is in miles and time? I want to take the roads I want to go on not the roads that they say to take. Does this make sence?
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