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    Tutto Gusto Reservation??

    We were just there...with the New Year's crowds (Dec. 30th), and walked right in with no wait. And, Epcot was very crowded that day. I think the sign outside saying "wine cellar" may put some people off, or they just don't think there's food served? This was our 2nd time there, same experience...
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    Space Mountain - WDW - Does It Still Shake Really Badly?

    We just returned from a NYE trip, and I'm pretty sure I rode SM for the last time. I have occasional back & neck pain, and I can't enjoy a ride when the whole time I'm on it, I'm worried about what permanent damage I might be doing. At least with Everest, I've figured out that I have to press...
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    Beer suggestions throughout the 'World.

    Golden Monkey is sold in a bottle at the stand outside the American Adventure in Epcot. It's our favorite beer (we've got a few 6-packs in the fridge right now) - it is 9.5%, so more bang for your buck! It smells and tastes banana-y, so I would definitely call this a fruity beer!
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    Has anyone ever cooked Thanksgiving dinner (or another big dinner) in one of the Villas?

    We cook (and sometimes bake) several times every trip and one of the first things I do after check-in is see what's missing, make a list, and call housekeeping. It's annoying to have to do it, but if it's supposed to be in the villa, I call and ask for a replacement.
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