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    Is Disney World enough? My perspective after visiting Disneyland/DCA and Tokyo Disneyland.

    As a multiple time Disney Worlder, I always wondered if I was missing something by not visiting any of the other Disneys around the world (particularly Disneyland.) Though many others have discussed it, I though my perspective of unexpectedly being able to do both Disneyland and Tokyo in quick...
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    What is the "intensity level" expected of the new coasters?

    Anyone know how "intense" the new Tron and GOTG coasters are going to be? I'm a huge fan of BTMR, but found Incredicoaster (on the west coast) a bit too much for my old body to handle. (The spirit and heart say yes! The body, not so much...) Space Mountain, BTMR, Mine Train, are all about my...
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    How accurate are Disney's online menus? (specifically Landscape of Flavors)

    I was really geared up for some of the unique, more ethnic food at the Landscape of Flavors food court. Stuff like butter chicken, paneer, squash, and some of the other things I saw in reviews. Then I got on My Disney Experience and on Disney online and the vast majority of that stuff is not...
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    Visiting the boardwalk after Epcot closes.

    I've never been to the boardwalk, and was looking forward to trying it out on this trip. I hear that it's much better to go in the evening. If I stay at Epcot until illuminations ends, and then wander out to the boardwalk Will that be an active time to see some of the street performers and...
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    WDW Long timers... What's BETTER now?

    Those of us who have been going to Disney only in the last decade or so often hear about how Disney just isn't what it used to be. Of course it's disappointing to think that we missed out the Golden age. However, I also imagine there are things that are much better about the way it is now. So...
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