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    Disneyland and Disney World lay off 28,000 employees amid pandemic struggles - OCR/SCNG >>Disney will lay off 28,000 employees at Disneyland and Walt Disney World as the company continues to struggle with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the six-month closure...
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    19 state legislators call on Newsom to reopen California theme parks - OCR/SCNG
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    Newsom: Announcement coming ‘very, very shortly’ on reopening California theme parks - OCR/SCNG >>Gov. Gavin Newsom said an announcement would be coming “very, very shortly” on issuing COVID-19 guidelines that would allow California theme parks to safely reopen after...
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    Anaheim calls on Newsom to reopen Disneyland after $100 million budget shortfall - OCR/SCNG >>Anaheim has called on California Gov. Gavin Newsom to reopen Disneyland and Disney California Adventure after a six-month coronavirus closure that has led to a $100 million...
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    Southwest takes over as dominant airline at Long Beach Airport as JetBlue prepares to leave - OCR/SCNG
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    ‘Free’ Star Wars souvenir coins coming to Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge - DB/SCNG
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    Spirit Airlines to land at John Wayne Airport in November - OCR/SCNG
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    American Sports Centers in Anaheim is closing - OCR/SCNG Not good news for the Radisson Blu
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    The newest DLR Petition to change the theming of an attraction!!!
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    JW Marriott Anaheim Resort Opens Today - 8/19/20 Just got home from AGW and a quick tour of the new Hotel. Very nice, alas not much is open yet, except the rooms, pool, bar and Starbucks, which has an expanded food menu.
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    New 6 Story, 125 Bed Hotel 55 project plans for Clementine Street

    Interesting to note the proposed parking system. >>The project includes at-grade parking tucked under the rear portion of the building, which includes four self-parked ADA accessible parking spaces and 82 valet only parking spaces. The valet-operated parking area includes three at-grade stalls...
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    SeaWorld shopping for theme parks that can’t ‘weather the storm’ - OCR/SCNG
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    Disney theme parks forecast to take $2 billion hit, report says - OCR/SCNG >>Disney’s theme parks are expected to take a big hit from the COVID-19 pandemic with a $2 billion loss forecast for the latest quarter following a $1 billion loss in the previous quarter...
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    Six Flags passholders and members remain loyal during pandemic - OCR/SCNG >>Loyal season pass holders and members helped keep cash flowing into Six Flags coffers and reduce losses by the millions during coronavirus closures that shuttered the company’s U.S. amusement...
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    Six Flags won’t let pandemic scare off Fright Fest - OCR/SCNG
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    In memory of Regis - A special filmed at Disneyland in 1990.

    Regis started his career in San Diego (KOGO-TV), so I got to enjoy him for Decades. He will be missed!
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    Will Disneyland offer discount tickets for locals when the park reopens? - OCR/SCNG >>Disneyland fans in Southern California anxious for the Anaheim theme park to reopen with thin crowds and short lines following an extended coronavirus closure could find one other...
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    Disneyland faces 32 million attendance drop over 2 years, analysts warn - OCR/SCNG >>Disneyland faces a drop in attendance of 32 million visitors over two years amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but that pales in comparison to the nearly 100 million guests Disney’s U.S...
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    Radisson Blu in the Spotlight
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    It is July 18th, time to say "Happy 65th Anniversary" Disneyland

    OK, most of you know, that when Walt Disney was alive, the Park's Anniversary was always celebrated on July 18th. (The 1st, 5th and 10th were clearly held on the 18th). It matches what Walt called Opening Day, Monday, July 18th, 1955. Sunday the 17th was the International Press Preview and...
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