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  1. LavaLiz

    When Planning Please Consider using a Disney TA (Kingdom Konsultant) to support them during this tough time.

    Agent Liz here looking forward to safer days when I can help plan more getaways. What a thoughtful post @monothingie , thank you.✨
  2. LavaLiz

    Which One?!?!?

    ⬆ THIS Tusker House is in my top three most requested restaurant that clients return to year after year. Chef Mickey's isn't on the list.
  3. LavaLiz

    Which month?

    Oh what fun!
  4. LavaLiz

    Which month?

    I second this. In my experience, March has been more of a mixed bag weather wise than April. Plus, you can see the Grand Floridian Easter Eggs!!
  5. LavaLiz

    Magical Memories Monday

    Better late than never! Today's memory is from 2015, during the last Osborne Family Spectacle of lights. When I heard it would be the last year, I insisted we must go! We had just moved to FL earlier that year and didn't have time off so we drove to Orlando after work on Friday, arriving around...
  6. LavaLiz

    Magical Memories Monday

    They sure did! She's not a regular MIL, She's a cool MIL 😂
  7. LavaLiz

    Magical Memories Monday

    Today's magical memory is from my trip last year with my MIL and her friend. We got drinks and apps at Kona, and this was the moment I told them the pineapple was filled with almost all liquor 😂
  8. LavaLiz

    Condo in Orlando

    I've stayed on and off property numerous times. Condos and homes in the area are definitely a mixed bag, with most being pushy about their presentations. If I had to choose one condo off property to stay at again it would be Caribe Royale. The villas there were spacious, relaxing, and...
  9. LavaLiz

    Picking up Magic Band Order When Changing Hotel Reservation Last Minute

    Did you switch your reservation or cancel and make a new one? If you simply upgraded, I think there could be a delay for the magic bands to make it to your new resort, but if you paid for them, you should receive them. You can always call (407) 939-7277 but I recommend dealing with it at the...
  10. LavaLiz

    Thoughts on some F&W special events (and Coral Reef)

    Thanks for this recap! This is the first year in 5 that my husband and I did not visit for F&W so it brought some warm and fuzzies reading your post . I've done French Family Meal Traditions a few times and will keep returning as long as they offer it. I love the relaxed atmosphere and have...
  11. LavaLiz

    Caramel Corn changes

    Price hikes are no fun, but at least there are plenty of other caramel goodies to try instead!
  12. LavaLiz

    Magical Memories Monday

    Today's Magical Memory is from Spring 2017 when my God kid and namesake got stopped and interrogated by Storm Troopers. They also took her for a little walk while a few friendly folks yelled things like "Run Rey Run!" She loved it and we all laughed and enjoyed the show.
  13. LavaLiz

    Magical Memories Monday

    I can understand that perspective. I just think of it as a snapshot into a trip instead of an actual report and love sharing and reading about other's special moments.
  14. LavaLiz

    Magical Memories Monday

    Hello there, I have so many magical memories made on Disney vacations, that I thought a thread dedicated to them would be fun. I'm going to post every Monday (that I remember) to try to bring some cheer to what is usually my least favorite day of the week. Feel free to join! I'll start with...
  15. LavaLiz

    Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace

    Excellent Point! Weather was pleasant during my experiences so I was able to leisurely enjoy the offerings during the fireworks while seated at a table.
  16. LavaLiz

    Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace

    Knowing the ages of the "little ones" would definitely help. To piggy pack on what others have said, if they will be in a stroller, you might not find as much value for the cost. I'm a big fan of dessert parties though! If your desire is to be seated with a great view and you have Frozen fans, I...
  17. LavaLiz

    Wish me luck!

    There's no such thing as too much Disney! Here's hoping for you!!!
  18. LavaLiz

    Possible trip 12/10/19-12/13/19

    I Second the Swan/Dolphin and just in case you checked on Disney's site and didn't see availability, you can book directly through Marriott (if calling also didn't work). I literally did this for a client a couple days ago for a super last minute trip. The crowds that time of year feel more...
  19. LavaLiz

    If you had to pick your 3 best TS meals in EPCOT WS...what would they be?

    If you haven't eaten at Biergarten yet, I personally think it's at its best during Christmas time. It's just so festive! I also love the special dining events at Monsieur Paul during F&W. Spice Road Table is a great place to enjoy the fireworks if you don't mind the music piped in. I like to...
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