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    Can anyone compare fireworks?

    Hi All! Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but so far I've come up blank in trying to find an answer... The wife really likes to see a good fireworks show, especially for NYE and July 4th. Since we've been AP holders at WDW for years, we usualy spend NYE at Epcot (sometimes MK); if we're in...
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    4th of July at DLR

    The wife & I are planning on going to DLR sometime this year. I'm thinking of going over the 4th of July, and I'm curious if anyone has any idea how DL 4th of July fireworks compares to that of MK (or Epcot). I figure it will be different this year due to the new "Remember..." show, but...
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    Can anyone compare DLP to WDW?

    Hi all! My wife and I are taking an extended vacation, mainly to the UK and Ireland but will be spending about 6 days in Paris. I was wondering if anyone here has gone to both DLP and WDW and, if so, can tell me if it's worth a day. One concern I have is that we get into Paris the night...
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