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  1. daisyduckie

    Resort for Oct 1, 2021

    Right now I'm planning on booking the Contemporary for Oct 1, 2021. I think being able to walk to the Magic Kingdom on that date will be a huge plus! However, if for some reason I can't get a room at the Contemporary, is the Wilderness Lodge a good option? Or does anyone think the walking...
  2. daisyduckie

    MK after Early Morning Magic

    Is it a truly bad idea to hit the Magic Kingdom if we are not going to be there for Early Morning Magic? I'm trying to plan out park days for a short trip, and that is the day that works with the rest of my plan. Will it be horribly busy?
  3. daisyduckie

    Uber/Lyft from MCO

    I have never used either car service before, but I am considering using one of them to get from MCO to the Swan this fall. Can someone tell me what the going rate typically is (I know it may be more, so I'm not holding you to it). Currently I have a town car booked both ways, and it is $150...
  4. daisyduckie

    Heat and humidity tips

    Anyone care to share their tips for beating the heat and humidity in Florida? I see that it has already been surface of the sun hot, so I'm hoping we all have tips to share! I'm going in July, so I'm looking for some great ideas on how to stay cool-ish and feeling fresh-ish. Besides drinking...
  5. daisyduckie

    Had a visit from a cop last night

    I hope you don't mind, but I need to vent a bit. So here is the story: coming home from work a few days ago I had a bit of a scare with a child. And apparently his dad is none to pleased with me. I had just turned onto my road, and everything happened fast, so I will try to make it make...
  6. daisyduckie

    Should I cancel?

    I need you all to help me figure out what I should do. Should I go or shouldn't I? A few months ago, in anticipation of the last night of Illuminations I booked a 3 night stay the the All Star Music. The plan was for me and my 27 year old nephew to go and see it on the final night. My nephew...
  7. daisyduckie

    Newer used car or keep mine?

    I'm looking for some other points of view, besides my own. I'm trying to decide if I should keep my current old but low miles car or upgrade to a newer old car. Here is the scoop: I have a 2003 Chevy Cavalier. It has been a great car! But recently I have begun to have to put a bit of money...
  8. daisyduckie

    Tokyo Dining

    My family is trying this restaurant for the first time this summer. I'm not finding many reviews on it, so I'm hoping that is not a sign that it is bad.:oops: Anyone been there recently and care to share their thoughts? I cancelled a Mama Melrose ADR for this, so I'm hoping it wasn't a mistake.
  9. daisyduckie

    Sharing question

    I'm confused. If you are on the Dining Plan can you share with others not on the plan? I know the answer was always No, but I though recently they were letting you use credits as you see fit? But now I'm reading you can't share anymore? What is the real scoop?
  10. daisyduckie

    Dessert party confusion

    I'm thinking about booking the dessert party at the Magic Kingdom. But I'm a bit confused. Looking on the Disney web site there are 2 different types of pre-fireworks parties. I thought that with the less expensive one you ate and then went and stood for the fireworks. But for the more...
  11. daisyduckie

    Space vs location

    How do you decide which is most important? I'm in the process of planning a trip over the 4th of July holiday. It would be me, my sis, her hubby, and her youngest child (age 18). So an adult for a room. We are trying to decide between one room at the Swan (love that location) and 2 rooms at...
  12. daisyduckie

    Crowd level help

    What do you do when you are trying to plan a trip, and the 2 crowd calendars you look at don't agree? I have a Touring Plans membership that I use. Someone mentioned Kenny the Pirate to me as being a good source, so I looked at that site too. They do not match, at all. As in Touring Plans...
  13. daisyduckie

    Connection time

    I'm wondering, how short of a connection are most of you comfortable with having? I see many from my home airport to and from Orlando with 45 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours. Does it depend mostly on the connecting airport? How many are in your travel group? How close the connecting airport is to...
  14. daisyduckie

    Halloween party or dessert party?

    If you had to pick between the 2, the Halloween party or the Star Wars dessert party, which would you do and why? I'm torn--have never done a dessert party so would like to try that. Have done the Halloween party before and love it. My struggle is in the cost $109 for a party ticket seems a...
  15. daisyduckie

    Do these restaurants take Disney gift cards?

    I like to use Disney gift cards as a way to budget my trip. I just noticed that for my next trip we are eating at a lot of non-Disney restaurants. Could someone tell me if the following restaurants take Disney gift cards? Ale and Compass Garden Grove The Bon Voyage Breakfast Fresh Thanks so...
  16. daisyduckie

    3 Bonnet Creek resorts?

    I'm confused. I see there are 3 separate listings for Bonnet Creek resorts--Hilton Orlando, Wyndham, and Wyndham Grand Orlando. What is the difference? Are they all neighbors? Is one noticeably better than the others?
  17. daisyduckie

    AP/TIW questions

    I'm going to purchase an AP for my next trip once I get to the parks this fall. Is it possible to purchase the Tables In Wonderland card at the same time? And will they give me that card then and there to use during the trip? There will be 6 of us, so the 20% off table service meals would...
  18. daisyduckie

    Which party night?

    Does the day of the week really make a difference as to how busy the party will be? I've been told to pick from October 28, 30 and 31. I'm guessing Halloween itself will be really nuts. Would the 30th be noticeably less crowded? How about Sunday the 28th? Does it make a difference that...
  19. daisyduckie

    Pop-air mattress?

    With the new queen sized beds, is there room for a twin air bed? I'm trying to decide between POP and POR for me and my sis. And maybe her adult son. Sis has never stayed at Pop, I did a few years ago, but would love to see the new rooms. I'm just not sure if they are big enough for 3...
  20. daisyduckie

    ticket question

    Do I have this right? If I buy a ticket and don't use it by the end of the year, it is no good. I can, however, use it to upgrade to a current ticket and pay the price difference. Is that correct? Does the unused ticket value ever expire?
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