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    To the rocket scientists running Walt Disney World...

    Guess what? People do not spend big bucks to come to WDW so they can go on scavenger hunts. Princesses are popular with the Honey Boo=Boo crowd, who insist on creepily dressing their little girls like make-believe teenagers, but they're not a good reason for most people to part with their...
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    Disney Tackles Lines
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    Space Mtn Sentinel Article
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    Well, Universal may think WDW announcements are pending...,0,286483.story
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    New name for restaurant at The Living Seas?

    Since The Living Seas is getting a full Nemo overlay, what about the restaurant? Suggestion: Re-name it: Eating Nemo.
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    Be careful Where You Get Your Disney Info and Rumors

    Just loaded some advanced anti-spyware, and lo' and behold, several Disney rumor sites attempted to download spyware surrepticiously. Happy to report that WDW Magic was NOT one of them. A visit to Screamscape caused two different attempted downloads.
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    Iger sees Cars in parks

    During The Walt Disney Company's earnings conference call, Bob Iger said you should expect to see Cars based attractions at one or more of the Disney theme parks.
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