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  1. bgraham34

    Refillable Mug length of stay question with dining plan

    I was wondering if I get the dining plan at pop for 2 nights before we stay at DVC with family for 4 nights and not get the dining plan with the family, can I still use the refillable mugs or will it expire at the end of our first stay?
  2. bgraham34

    Kids Florida Resident Ticket

    I have a question. I am going to be taking my nephew who lives in Florida to Disney in Dec. If his parents buy the 3 day Florida Resident pass for him will it be an issue with me taking him in since I am from out of state and his parents wont be there?
  3. bgraham34

    First Time visit Jambo House or Kidani Village

    I have never stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Which side of the resort is better for first time guest.
  4. bgraham34

    Things to do in the parks when its crowded.

    So I was listening to a Disney podcast called Enchanted Tiki Talk about things to do in the parks when its crowded or actually to get away from the crowd in the parks. They brought up Tom Sawyers Island. Now I haven't been on the island in years but it is a great idea. Now if they only put a...
  5. bgraham34

    Disney Internet Streaming Radio Stations

    So I often stream Disney Music while at work. I have been listening to Spectro Radio and Sorcerers Radio and now I just checked out which is pretty good as well. Are there any others that you guys can recommend.
  6. bgraham34

    Disney Podcast with special guest Bill Farm (Voice of Goofy)

    So i listed to several Disney Podcasts because I like to hear other peoples opinions on the parks. But this week one of them had the voice of Goofy on, Bill Farmer. Wow is that guy talented. It was great listening to him break out into Character voices...
  7. bgraham34

    Walt Disney World Planning Videos.

    So I just watched a planning video from 1993 on youtube. Link Here. I have to say the older videos are so much more entertaining. The ones made recently are just so dull and boring.
  8. bgraham34

    Would you rather 1 night in Cinderella Castle or Disney Cruise

    If you were given an option or 1 free night in a Castle Suite or a free Disney cruise for 4 nights what would you choose?
  9. bgraham34

    2014 Pricing will be release on July 10th.

    For those waiting to book a trip next year the pricing will be released July 10th.
  10. bgraham34

    Misinformation from guests at the parks is astounding

    It amazes me how many people don't know what they are talking about when at Disney World. 1 guest said they are building onto the Grand Floridian to just be an exclusive place to stay for your wedding. You rent the whole building and only your guests can use the pool. Another one was that Toon...
  11. bgraham34

    Favorite scene from MNSSHP Parade

    Just wondering if anyone has a favorite scene from the MNSSHP parade. I would think most people will like the Gravediggers scene as do I. I cant get enough watching it, here is a quick link to the vid. Post your favorite scenes.
  12. bgraham34

    DVC Member site is all new.

    Just logged into DVC Member and its all new. More like the Disney Experience site. I have not spent much time looking around, just wanted to let everyone know.
  13. bgraham34

    I saw Samantha Brown filming by the Boardwalk yesterday.

    Yesterday morning I was walking on the Boardwalk and I saw Samantha Brown filming something in front of Atlantic Dance. I heard her mention something about DVC. I did manage to get a picture. I will see if I can post it later.
  14. bgraham34

    This past week the parks were busier then i was expecting.

    I have gone many times in Sept over the years but I was surprised about how much busier the parks were, especially at night. We had such a hard time finding a good spot to watch MSEP on Thursday night and not too mention the bottleneck by Peter Pan and Small World. I dont know how many times i...
  15. bgraham34

    DVC Photo Thread

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread of photos from DVC resorts. Post them if you got them.
  16. bgraham34

    DVC Role Call - What's your home resort?

    To my fellow DVC Members Welcome Home. So where is your home resort. We own at Both Wilderness Lodge and Old Key West.
  17. bgraham34

    Anyone know anything about the first family to enter MGM Studios back in 1989

    I know the Gutierrez family was the first family to enter the MGM Studios back in 1989 and the received a lifetime pass to all the Disney Parks worldwide, but does anyone know if they still go to the parks?
  18. bgraham34

    Chat roulette - Disney Video

    So i was on Chat roulette today and someone was showing Disney Videos. I got a little kick out of it. I wonder how many others did. Or did anyone on here see it too.
  19. bgraham34

    A late hotel trip report from August. Upgrades do happen.

    So back on August 18th I had a flight that was leaving NY to MCO at 8:30 pm but because of weather we did not end up leaving until 12:15am. This was an hour after they told us that our flight would not be leaving until the 6am the next morning but luckily we took off. So I arrive in Orlando...
  20. bgraham34

    Travelling with a 14 month old and bedtime.

    For anyone who has taken their child around 14 months how have you handled bedtime. I took my son at 5 months and once 7pm came around he slept in the stroller and did not wake up during the fireworks. Now he is not as sound a sleeper as he once was. Did you guys just try to get them to sleep at...
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