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  1. Mystic

    Max Pass vs My Magic Plus.

    But the kiosks are there, therefore they still have fastpass, they just are not using it that day because the number of guests does not warrant the need for it. Small World has never had fastpass up until this holiday season.
  2. Mystic

    Max Pass vs My Magic Plus.

    Actually, you have your attractions confused. Haunted Mansion is always fastpass accessible, whether it's got it's Nightmare Before Christmas overlay or not. I've ridden it in February and in December and it's been on fastpass. It's Small World that is not always on fastpass. They have only put...
  3. Mystic

    Crowd Movements/Designated Standing Areas At MK For HEA

    This is why I'm not even going to bother seeing the new fireworks show on my upcoming trip. I'm not going to be forced to stand in a certain area just to see the castle projections. This does not help with the crowd control in the slightest. I wish they had created the new fireworks show like...
  4. Mystic

    Castle Projections: Your thoughts

    I haven't seen the new show yet either and not sure if I will or not. My issue is that it forces you to be on Main Street in order to get the full effect of the show. We used to like watching Wishes from the side of the castle. Sort of in the area between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. You didn't...
  5. Mystic

    West park security checkpoint moving and new ones being added

    Right now all guests staying at a Disney owned hotel can enter DCA through Grand Californian but you must be a Disney hotel guest and show your Disney hotel ID.
  6. Mystic

    West park security checkpoint moving and new ones being added

    So as a guest who is staying at Paradise Pier but will be entering DTD through Grand Californian, where will we be going through security? Especially since the GC entrance into DL is between where the current security check point is and where the proposed checkpoint is going to be down by Earl...
  7. Mystic

    Round Trip Car service

    We were using ME for the longest time but we've decided to switch back to using a car service for our trips to WDW on our next trip in 2017. We need a car service that will let us set the departure pick up time to whatever time we want, not have a standard pick up time of so many hours before...
  8. Mystic

    Disney World Sued -- Mickey's Parade Ruined My Life

    I took a nasty spill on the bridge from Liberty Square to Main Street a few years ago. It had rained earlier in the day and I slipped once and righted myself only to slip a few feet later and go down. I ended up with a sprained ankle and a busted up toe (not broken but bleeding). I guess I...
  9. Mystic

    Rumor - Possible ticket price increases coming this Sunday (2/28)

    Yes. Just saw on one of my DL Facebook pages that it's taking effect at DL this weekend.
  10. Mystic

    Are these rides better in WDW or DL?

    More scenes and a longer ride time.
  11. Mystic

    Are these rides better in WDW or DL?

    Here is my take, having just come back from DL a few weeks ago. 1 - about the same 2 - no opinion as didn't ride (don't like to get wet) 3 - definitely better at DL 4 - the same 5 - better at DL 6 - definitely better at DL 7 - like WDW version better 8 - definitely better at DL (especially at...
  12. Mystic

    SW Land Size: DLR vs DHS

    Your area for Star Wars land at Disneyland isn't big enough and it's not actually taking over the River area. They have to shut the River down and the other attractions in that area so that they can get the construction area organized. Here is a more recent picture of where Star Wars Land is...
  13. Mystic

    Wheelchairs at WDW resorts

    The point of the courtesy chairs was to get you from point a to point b in the resort. I've seen soooo many guests in the parks with chairs that have the hotel name on the back of them because they don't want to pay to rent. This takes these chairs out of circulation for other guests who need...
  14. Mystic

    Tiered ticketing at Walt Disney World

    That was my feeling exactly. Some of the scenarios had tickets that included park hopping (no option to opt out). Some had photopass included (again, no way to opt out). Others were you had to pay full price for each day if you were getting less than 4 days. So if you were only going for 3 days...
  15. Mystic

    Tiered ticketing at Walt Disney World

    Yes, there have been surveys about this. I completed one after my trip in July. If they go through with some of the options that were listed, I won't be visiting the parks anymore. I'm not prepared to shell out over $450 on a 3 day park ticket (that was what one of the scenarios worked out to be).
  16. Mystic

    Do you correct people if you hear them getting things wrong about Disney?

    It definitely makes sense since this park has a bit of the other three Florida parks in it. TOT & TSMM from HS, Bug's Land (Tough to be a Bug) from AK and Soarin (Epcot - although the one on DCA is the original)
  17. Mystic

    Do you correct people if you hear them getting things wrong about Disney?

    This is not an uncommon thing and I think it stems from the fact that in California it's "Disneyland" and "Disney's California Adventure". A lot of people think of Magic Kingdom as being WDW and the other parks as being stand alone parks.
  18. Mystic

    Inside Out attraction?

    Shortly after Inside Out premiered Disney came out and said they have no plans of bringing Inside Out to the parks, either in attraction or meet and greet format. The only place I know where you can see the Inside Out characters in park is during the pre-parade for the Pixar Play Parade at...
  19. Mystic

    Anyone trouble getting resort discount? is actually how I found my travel agent. I don't use Kingdom Konsultants but the company I ended up going with, her husband is a member of the forum here and we got to talking and they booked a trip for us when we were swamped with family issues. Now I use them for all my Disney but...
  20. Mystic

    Anyone trouble getting resort discount?

    Definitely don't let your residence location get in the way of using a great Disney TA. I don't even live in the same country as mine and she's booked us WDW (although we usually do these ourselves), Adventures by Disney (both of our trips) and she booked us our upcoming Disneyland trip. She's...
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