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  1. Mystic

    Round Trip Car service

    We were using ME for the longest time but we've decided to switch back to using a car service for our trips to WDW on our next trip in 2017. We need a car service that will let us set the departure pick up time to whatever time we want, not have a standard pick up time of so many hours before...
  2. Mystic

    Parades at Disneyland during December

    We are heading to DLR the first week of December for our first non-Adventures by Disney trip. How do the parades work during December? Do they replace the afternoon parade with the Christmas parade? Will we get to see Paint the Night? When we were there in February with Adventures by Disney, the...
  3. Mystic

    Adding a day to a Park Ticket

    Our local Disney store sells 5 and 7 day park hopper tickets. We would need a six day park hopper for our upcoming trip and don't want to purchase the 7 day and waste the extra day and money. Would it be possible to purchase the 5 day tickets here at home (we're in Toronto, Ontario) and have...
  4. Mystic

    AAA Discount

    We're moving our trip from Dec 2010 to June 2011 and switching from a package to a room only reservation. Can I apply a CAA/AAA room discount when I switch the reservation or do I have to wait until the 2011 room rates are released in August?
  5. Mystic

    Flying with Continental Airlines

    Given all the current chaos at Canadian airports with US bound flights and no one telling us what constitutes a "Small Purse", since that's all we're allowed to carry on the flights now, we're considering an alternate route to Orlando for our trip in December 2010. There is a small airline...
  6. Mystic

    Dine Line Screwed Up My ADRs

    I have always been one who preferred to make my ADRs over the phone with the CMs on the Dine Line but they've just converted me 100% to doing them online unless it's something that absolutely has to be done over the phone. I was just using the online system to check my ADRs for my upcoming trip...
  7. Mystic

    Picnic in the Park

    Have a question for anyone that has been to Animal Kingdom lately. We picked up the 2010 WDW Birnbaum Guide and they list the Picnic in the Park at Animal Kindgom as a Summer-Only dining option. I was wondering if anyone who has been to AK recently noticed if they were still offering the Picnic...
  8. Mystic

    Might need to rent a wheelchair

    After both x-rays and some bone scans, I found out from my doctor that I have stress fractures in my leg. I'm now waiting to get into a fracture clinic to find out what they're going to do to treat it so I'm not 100% sure yet if I'll be in a cast or not. My mom and I are scheduled to arrive at...
  9. Mystic

    Base Tickets

    I'm curious about the base tickets. We always get the park hopper option but my brother and his wife are going to WDW in September and plan to get 3 day base tickets. Will they be able to leave the park in the middle of the day and re-enter it later, either via the park ticket or by hand stamp...
  10. Mystic

    POFQ and Pop Warner

    For economic reasons, we're considering downgrading our December trip from WL to POFQ but we're concerned about staying there during Pop Warner (we'd be there for the first half of the Pop Warner Week). Has anyone stayed at POFQ during Pop Warner? What was it like? Would you stay there at that...
  11. Mystic

    Adventures by Disney - Hollywood & Disneyland

    My mom and I are giving serious consideration to taking the Adventures by Disney trip that goes to Hollywood and Disneyland. We'll be two adults travelling without kids. How exactly do the backstage tours work if there are young kids on the tour (mainly at Disneyland)? I know 90% of the...
  12. Mystic

    Email Pin Code Question

    I just received an email containing a pin code for a discount off Value resorts for various weeks during 2009. It doesn't state that it is for a package so I'm assuming it's that percent off rack rates. Is it possible to have the pin code applied to a package that includes park tickets and...
  13. Mystic

    Spirit of America by Adventures by Disney

    Has anyone taken the Spirit of America trip by Adventures by Disney? My mom and I are considering it for next spring and were wondering if anyone here on the boards has been on this particular trip. How was it? Would you recommend it? What about for older travellers? Is there enough to keep...
  14. Mystic

    Charm Bracelet Charms

    I'm looking to get some charms for a charm bracelet on my trip to the World in December. I'm looking for the types of charms that dangle from the bracelet, not the Italian charm bracelet links. I'm pretty sure Uptown Jewellers on Main Street carries them but does anyone else know of any good...
  15. Mystic

    Buying Halloween Merchandise

    When I was at WDW last October I saw some beanbag Mickey pumpkins and ghosts. I never actually bought one but now I'm wishing I did. Anyone know the best way to go about getting one? I've tried ebay to no success. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about. This was a display window at the...
  16. Mystic

    Cruise Line "Bounceback" offers

    I know that you can get discounts if you book your next Disney cruise while still onboard your current cruise. My mom and I are planning our very first cruise for 2009. We're doing a Land and Sea cruise next year and were curious about the way the "bounceback" offers work for the cruise line. If...
  17. Mystic

    Bounceback offers

    We're heading to the World in December 2008 and I'm curious about if a bounceback is being offered, what time frame would the bounceback be for? What month would it be for etc? I know you have to book it before you check out and that bounceback's are not always offered but we'd like to plan...
  18. Mystic

    Tony's Town Square and Parade Taping

    We are planning to eat at Tony's Town Square in MK on the evening of the second day of Christmas parade taping. Has anyone had any issues checking in for their ADR at Tony's after the parade taping is finished? Are there a lot of people from the parade taping trying to get walk-up seating?
  19. Mystic

    CRT for dinner...hard to get??

    My mom and I are planning a trip to WDW in December and my mom's cousin is coming along with her companion. We'd like to treat them to something special and thought we might try to get a dinner ADR at Cinderella's Royal Table. Our 180 + 10 window is coming up at the start of June. How hard are...
  20. Mystic

    Problems using Magical Express?

    My mom and I are heading to the World in December and we're considering using Magical Express for the first time to save money. We were wondering if anyone's experienced any problems using the service. We don't mean problems like luggage arriving late or anything because our flight from Toronto...
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