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  1. DfromATX

    Hollywood Studios in Mid January

    I am trying to talk my husband into taking a quick 2-day trip to Disney (MK & HS) in January 2020 after the holidays, like around the 25th. By then I believe all of Galaxy's Edge will be open. I think I read the 2nd ride opens in December of 2019. How crowded to you think it would be on a Monday...
  2. DfromATX

    Central Paris Hotel to Parks

    Bonjour! I understand that Disneyland is about an hour outside of Paris. We are planning on staying in central Paris. Is it reasonable to think we can plan for 1 day at each park and take the train to and from each day? Also, they do fast passes the old way, right? And it's included with park...
  3. DfromATX

    Crowds for the 50th MK Anniversary

    How crowded do y'all think the parks will be for the 50th anniversary in 2021? No more than usual? That's when we are planning to go next. I'm hoping by then the crowds for all the new stuff will have leveled out. I'm hoping the 50th doesn't mean anything to everyone else (except people like...
  4. DfromATX

    Guy Fieri's New Chicken Restaurant in Disney Springs - everything under $8!

    Just saw this this morning.
  5. DfromATX

    Have you ridden Big Thunder Mountain lately?

    We got back from our trip in June. BTMR seemed new and improved! Did they refurbish it or something? Maybe it's just my memory, but the ride seemed more smooth, our little train car seemed newer, and the ride itself even seemed longer than I remembered. My whole family noticed it. Just wondering.
  6. DfromATX

    Trip Report 6th Trip and Great as Usual!

    Just got back from our 6th trip. We are a family of 6 with kids ranging from 15-22 and this year we brought along a girlfriend. I'll try not to get too wordy and stick to my points. We did 5 park days plus our 2 travel days. Overall, we had a great time and already thinking about next time...
  7. DfromATX

    Fast Passes 7:00? Sunday is the day!

    OK Sunday is the day I've been waiting for to make our fast pass selections! It's all I've been thinking about for the past year (ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little). I just wanted to verify that I can begin at 7:00 Florida time (not 6:00 like dining)? I'm asking here because I've actually had...
  8. DfromATX

    How can I add photos and gif files to my posts?

    For the life of me, I can't figure it out!
  9. DfromATX

    Soft Openings

    Hi everyone, my question is how do soft openings generally work? We're going in early June and will miss the TSL opening by a couple of weeks. I was on the phone with a cast member (just finalizing some details for our trip) and he said it's possible there could be soft openings while we're...
  10. DfromATX

    5 days at Disney, which park do you choose for that extra day?

    We have a 5-day trip coming up next June - Yippee!! The question is where to spend the extra day - at MK or AK? My family of 6 voted and it was tied. Our kids range from 15 to 21 (so no little ones). We are all very excited to see Pandora, but still not sure it's now a 2-day park, or am I...
  11. DfromATX

    Boma vs Tusker House

    I understand that we're in the minority here, but when we ate at Boma a few years ago, we didn't like it much. We've eaten Ethiopian food before and enjoyed it, but my husband really dislikes Indian food (and he's Middle Eastern, go figure lol). I would really like to try Tusker House, but I'm...
  12. DfromATX

    What did you not know then, but you know now (and you feel embarrassed)?

    Everyone knows there's a lot to learn if you've never been to Disney before. I think we all would agree the first trip is a learning experience. You can't do it all the first time and there's always new things to see. However, some things should be more obvious... this is really embarrassing...
  13. DfromATX

    Buying Park Tickets from Southwest Airlines

    Hello, I have a question about buying park tickets from Southwest Airlines vs Disney. Normally, we go to the Disney website and book everything there. My husband apparently has seen a deal he likes with Southwest for park hopper tickets. (I don't know the details as I am still at work so I...
  14. DfromATX

    Art of Animation Price

    Has AofA been upgraded to a higher category? We stayed there last July and I've been browsing hotels for our next trip and it seems to have gone up quite a bit - $507 to be exact. We had a Lion King suite and I'm certain we didn't pay that much. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about that.
  15. DfromATX

    PO-FQ or Coronado Springs?

    Hi, we are starting to plan our trip for 2018 and the two resorts I am considering are Port Orleans-FQ and Coronado Springs. I'm looking for opinions, of the 2 which would you prefer and why? Or, is there a comparable other favorite? (We have stayed at PO-R before and we like to try different...
  16. DfromATX


    I've been seeing the commercials on TV for AVATAR Land and getting excited about it. I've looked on You Tube to see if I could find the commercial for it, but can't find it. Does anyone have a link to it? I really want to forward it to my kids so they can see it. Thanks.
  17. DfromATX

    Trip Report Great Time in July!!

    Hi everyone, I'll try to keep this brief and highlight what stuck out for us. This was our 5th trip and we stayed at Art of Animation LK suites. Before our trip I was on here a lot, but kept feeling a little apprehensive about my upcoming trip. Lots of complaints on here so I removed myself for...
  18. DfromATX

    What sets Disney cruises above other cruise lines?

    We love Disney and we love cruising, but we've never done a Disney cruise before. I'm assuming that Disney has top notch service, but what sets them above other cruise lines? Even though we love Disney World, my kids are all older (13-20), so we don't care as much for the characters or...
  19. DfromATX

    How can I remove my account?

  20. DfromATX

    What's the time span for fast passes?

    I'm trying to plan out our trip and soon I'll be able to book our fast passes. Is there a time window allowed (like if you're running a few minutes late)?
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