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  1. EZRock

    How are y'all making the most of the quarantine?

    The quarantine is going to be around for a while, so people are going to be isolated for a good bit. I'm interested though in what you guys are doing to make the most of the quarantine. Are y'all learning any new hobbies, did you do something crazy (something you would never do if we weren't...
  2. EZRock

    Humourous WDW Stories

    Post humorous stories that happened at WDW.
  3. EZRock


    vroom Discuss.
  4. EZRock

    Yoyo, how y'all doin' - New Member

    Hey y'all, what's up? I go by EZRock or EZ on the internet, I have a Twitch channel and YouTube channel (although I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share, either way, I would rather get to know the community first), and I have worked on a few Disney fan-games in the past. I've loved Disney ever...
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