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    News Magic Kingdom July 2020 reopening reports

    Spent the day at MK- had a fantastic time overall and feel WDW is doing everything reasonable they can- definitely surreal with lack of crowds & everyone in masks& cast in face shields. Didn’t see anyone not with a mask- we rode almost everything as a complete walk-on only 2 had a 15-20 min wait.
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    WDW Still Struggling with Safety and Unions

    Yes. The variety of cast in temporary deployments is quite interesting :)
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    Disney to start Furloughs April 19th

    Hopefully? O Sent quoted that their goal was approving 80,000 requests this week but they had a backlog of 560,000+ at that point- not counting the 70,000 CMs (& how many others) that’ll dump into the queue in 7 days... If they don’t triple or quadruple (at least) the approval rate.. it’ll be...
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    Disney to start Furloughs April 19th

    The worrisome part is that it’ll probably take weeks or longer to get unemployment approved & actually see money. At the rate Florida is apparently approving requests it’ll take 7-8 weeks at least to see anything if nothing changes. There will be a lot of hungry & homeless if it does take that long.
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    Disney to start Furloughs April 19th

    Correct. It’s the same rules as Aspire. Most wouldn’t trip this matrix unless it becomes really long furlough which is why it’s ‘not an issue currently’ if we get to sept/oct when they start paying fall semester bills then it may change (but if we are still furloughed then that’s probably the...
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    Disney to start Furloughs April 19th

    Did she pay for it and expecting reimbursement or did they cover it? If she did then yes I could see that being considered income and I’d prob hold off submitting for it until post furlough. if they paid for it then zero to worry about since it’ done on the backend and not ‘income’.
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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    The fear of ‘god’ has been put into all the Edge/studios cast to where they won’t even discuss their schedules with anyone to not be the one that leaks anything because they know eyes are everywhere- a poster on another boards kid is a Edge CM and couldn’t even get her kids schedule from them...
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    News Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy (New Show for 2019)

    That is correct plus like 10 ish Min to load/unload Honestly it seems well balanced age wise- a few ‘big kid’ humor moments but not ‘adult’ in anyway a few ‘kid humor’ jokes but No ‘ok kids let’s all pretend’ moments where adults look around sheepishly . I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest any age...
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    News Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy (New Show for 2019)

    I expected something along the lines Monsters Inc or Turtle Talk- something more of a cute but forgettable time waster to sit inside on hot days.. while I definitely don’t think it’s rearrange travel plans to focus on it worthy I could easily see it ranked in the top 2-3 shows at the Studios...
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    News Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy (New Show for 2019)

    It exceeded my expectations.
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    News Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy (New Show for 2019)

    The chances are 0. The first/cast preview day are the 26th
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    PizzeRizzo Closing or Receiving Menu Changes?

    It’s going seasonal so won’t be open till spring/summer 2019
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    News World Drive Magic Kingdom Intersection Re-Design

    If you are heading back to a MK resort there already is a road.. from the speedway head to the north west corner and look for the purple sign saying 'all guest areas' that'll lead you to bear island road that with a right then left turn will have you going north towards poly/grand then turn on...
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    New nighttime show 'Rivers of Light' confirmed to be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Audio question for those who've seen it in person. Is the audio a consistent volume the whole show or are there loud sudden noises (like the cannon fire in fant) and/Or is the overall volume 'loud' to you? We have fp for the show next week and will have my 3 week old with us. We have ear...
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    High prices at the Arts Festival food kiosks (compared to other EPCOT festivals)

    We went yesterday & tried 2 of the menu items- Husband tried the cronut trio- definitely didn't look like the pictures but said they were okay but wouldn't try again. I tried the short rib and that was amazing. Fork tender and the flavor profile was very well balanced. Definitely more...
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    WDW Cancels all Run Disney Events for Tomorrow 1/7/17 including Half Marathon

    It really really sucks- but the worst part of the storm is set to hit when 95% of the runners would be without any shelter options.. you get a nasty squall & lightning could turn tragic quick.. no way would I like to be on world drive with zero options..
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