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  1. Bolt

    4 Walt Disney World Resorts to accept dogs

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — Four hotels at Walt Disney World Resort will allow guests to bring dogs beginning Sunday. The hotels near Orlando, Florida, are Disney's Yacht Club Resort, Disney Port Orleans Resort-Riverside, Disney's Art of Animation Resort and cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort &...
  2. Bolt

    Cubs Parade at Magic Kingdom on Sat, Nov 5

    Looks like a super bowl MVP style parade at 4:30pm tomorrow!
  3. Bolt

    Shanghai Disney Exhibit Opens in China Pavilion

    Saw this posted today - had no idea this was coming, too.
  4. Bolt

    Adventureland Smoking Section Removed

    Big victory removing the Adventureland one. Two left in the park - they also removed the one behind Space Mountain, keeping the one behind Barnstormer and near exit of Thunder. 1 added near Park Entry. In total - 3 left anywhere around MK now.
  5. Bolt

    Castle Ramp Smoking Section Eliminated

    Effective tomorrow, the smoking section up the side of the castle will be gone forever. No substitution, just one less smoking section. Finally.
  6. Bolt

    BLINK Closing May 1st

    Blink will be closing May 1st and United World Soccer will be opening up in its place later this month. They will sell team jerseys as well as sports gear. Just in time for the World Cup.
  7. Bolt

    Downtown Disney Starbucks to replace Wetzels Pretzels

    The next Starbucks will start construction in October. Wetzels will move out to make room for it. Two separate kiosks will open selling Haagan-Dazs and Wetzels Pretzels near DisneyQuest. There will also be a Starbucks kiosk near World of Disney.
  8. Bolt

    Magic Kingdom - March 24th

    Magic Kingdom appears to be preparing for a phased closing. Cones are being set for a turnaround and cop cars are all up and down World Drive as traditional with a closing.
  9. Bolt

    MNSSHP - October 18th, 2012 - Sold Out

    October 18th's party is now listed as a sell out. Next party will be on October 21st.
  10. Bolt

    New Location for Fantasia Brooms

    Old Location New Location (in front of Earl's at Downtown Disney)
  11. Bolt

    Santa look-a-like causes distraction at WDW

    This one is just a little creepy - especially when he thinks the solution is to be given celeberity status to help avoid confusion. Maybe you shouldn't stop and take photos or give autographs...
  12. Bolt

    Wait Times for 12/31/2011

    11:30AM Update (MK Phase 3) Opinion: DAK is as expected very slow, Toy Story has its lowest wait time of the day, Fantasyland is not a disaster yet and Epcot is unreal. Studios Toy Story Mania - 90 Coaster - 120 Tower - 110 Star Tours - 30 Backlot - 20 GMR - 10 Epcot Character Spot...
  13. Bolt

    WDW Wait Times as of 3:40pm EST

    Studios Toy Story Mania - 150 Coaster - 160 Tower - 80 Star Tours - 90 Backlot - 40 GMR - 30 Epcot Character Spot - 75 Figment - 45 Land - 20 Maelstrom - 65 Mission Space: Green - 90 Mission Space: Orange - 95 Soarin - 130 SSE - 45 Test Track -160 Test Track Single - 60 Nemo...
  14. Bolt

    Disney partners with Trevor Project

    Disney has partnered with the Trevor Project for the 'It Gets Better' series. Very impressed to see WDI, WDW, DCL and DL all involved in the video.
  15. Bolt

    Journey Into Narnia CLOSING September 10th

    It has been announced today that Journey Into Narnia at DHS is closing September 10th! Rumors circulating, stemming mostly from overstating imagineers, is that a Pirate's themed walk through or meet and greet. No ride can go in this space due to size. The queue can also only withstand a few...
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