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    News Carousel of Progress Closed

    Exactly. They are alternate universe versions of the same family, born in different decades.
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    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    I have to admire the minimalist grace of your defensive ranting. One paragraph, no wasted words. Almost as if this wasn't really the brilliant idea that's representing your whole identity on the internet. 🙂
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    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    He needs a car with *no scientists*, and the Institute isn't sending any empty. He "recruits" us so we won't rat on him. Seeker is a sociopath.
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    So what changes will we see at DHS GE based on DL GE?

    I remember reading that streetmosphere, droids and so forth were going to be delayed because of the anticipated extreme crowds, and would be added when the initial crush began to die down. Now everyone is assuming it's permanent and talking about "cuts". Has the promised entertainment actually...
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    News Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue replacing Liberty Inn

    My first page of results was all about replacing the Liberty Inn.
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    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    They aren't literally memorials. They just look like it. People put their own pictures there, taken at a kiosk.
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    News 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' preview now playing at Walt Disney Presents

    Are you saying it's an adaptation of the story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, not the ballet? I haven't read that, but the Wikipedia summary doesn't have anything like the four realms.
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    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    In the US, large bottles of soda are in liters, but bottles smaller than a liter are in ounces. Water comes in half-liter bottles, liter bottles, or gallon jugs.
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    News Disney to launch new Vacation Planning site to help guests with date-based tickets

    So, if I am looking at a possible trip in early January, should I make it a priority to buy the park tickets in the next week or so? Would the first half of January be value dates?
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    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    No, I don't think they're moving it at all. I believe the concept art shows the concept from a guest's point of view, and does not accurately depict forced perspective. The tower in the art is clearly behind both buildings, which makes no physical sense in the real pavilion, so I don't think we...
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    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    The concept art shows it on the ground behind the buildings, as if it were real.
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    Stitch's Great Escape Goes Seasonal

    @MisterPenguin , I'm not picking up on the difference? I think the point is WiR back on the table, not so much the VR.
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    News Disney's Animal Kingdom tests a new stroller parking system

    Wasn't there something like this at one time, or am I misremembering? This would have been around 2004, the first time we took our kids. You could pay to reserve a stroller and have your name put on it. But there were also unmarked strollers that you could pick up and abandon. They would be...
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    Na'vi River Journey reviews, comments and questions

    Ellen didn't have a cellphone. That was a cordless landline. Cellphones in 1996 were small flip phones, and didn't work well indoors.
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    Incident on Test Track (3/9/18)

    Shouldn't your lines be tangent to the track, not to the side of the ride building?
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    Toy Story AP Previews

    Wasn't it established that most 3-year-olds will meet the height requirements?
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I don't think anyone else caught this...that sign says "Restrooms Telephones". It's not an exhibit, it's ordinary payphones. In case you need to call someone when you're not in your house or office. Why are they next to the restrooms? Well, at the time, they told us it's a safety measure...
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    Rumor Pixar's Coco coming to the Mexico Pavilion

    That's right, the handicapped entrance is on the right side of the building.
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    60 Day Fastpass Window for Offsite Hotels

    Amazon is not a good example of a typical e-commerce website. It's extraordinary. Seven years ago, Anonymous couldn't take it down. Today they sell their infrastructure to other companies, both as an e-commerce provider and a general cloud service provider. No company that's rolling their...
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    Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?

    Last year we finally got a ride picture with DD1's face - she was always hiding in my lap before. She said it was the first time she's even seen the big dino at the end. She was 18.
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