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  1. WDW_Emily

    Trip Report Our Covid-19 Orlando trip!

    Hello all! This trip review will be mostly text as I did video most of the trip and didn't take pictures. Here are the basics of our trips: Who: Myself, Emily and Nate both in our late 20s living in Massachusetts. Why: We were traveling to Kentucky to adopt a dog on July 5th. We already had 2...
  2. WDW_Emily

    Beaches and Cream

    Hey all! We are down here now and would like to go to beaches and cream just for ice cream. I know in the past there was a take out window. Is this open? And can we visit a resort without a reservation? We would love to just walk around the boardwalk and yacht and beach area.
  3. WDW_Emily

    Upcoming trip survey

    Just wondering if anyone else got this email and what your thoughts were on the survey. We have a trip currently booked for June 22nd-June 29th.
  4. WDW_Emily

    Pre-Trip A Postponed, first trip, pre-trip report!

    Hello beautiful people! We have officially postponed our perfect trip for a couple of months. Everything was exactly how we wanted it. We planned out which Flower and Garden snacks we wanted. We got all the fast passes we needed by waking up at the crack of dawn (FOP, Slinky, Mine Train...
  5. WDW_Emily

    Rescheduling Question

    Hello all. Before starting this thread, please do not attack saying I or anyone else is making wrong decisions about our trip. We are all trying to navigate this new normal and your negativity isn't welcome here. So here is our current situation. The bf and I were planning a trip for April...
  6. WDW_Emily

    Online Resort Upgrade?

    Our trip is booked for April 2020. When I logged into the Disney website today there was an option to upgrade my resort. When I clicked on it there were three options that look to be at a huge discount. Is anyone else seeing this when they log in? Are any of these resorts worth it for the cost...
  7. WDW_Emily

    Should we dining plan?

    My boyfriend and I are traveling to the world April 18-April 25th. Our dinning window just opened up and we are planning four sit down meals during that time. We were looking into the dining plan for the convenience of having the trip completely paid for before heading down and only needing to...
  8. WDW_Emily

    Off site Hotels

    Hello all! Like many people on this forum have stated, Disney's prices have become a tad out of control. I used to have an annual pass and stay on site due to the convenience and discounts but it looks like that might not be the best option. I am looking for some off site hotel or airbnb...
  9. WDW_Emily

    To Renew or wait, that is the question

    Since February 2018, I have had an annual pass, mostly to fill my RunDisney addiction and do Princess and Wine and Dine in 2018. My pass expires on February 23rd 2019. I will be in Disney World on the 24th as well so on that day I will either need a one day ticket or to renew. If I don't renew...
  10. WDW_Emily

    Can I make it to Fireworks?

    I arrive in Orlando at 8:20pm on Halloween Night. My Plan is to get onto Magical Express to All Stars, catch a bus to either EPCOT or Magic Kingdom then Monorail to the Polynesian to watch Hallowishes from there at 10:15pm (hopefully with a Dole Whip in hand). Is this possible or should I plan...
  11. WDW_Emily

    Trip Report Like a grand and miraculous run

    Welcome to our Princess 2018 Trip Report! If you like loads of pictures and videos then this is the trip report for you! The basics: Who: Me (Emily) who turned 26 right after returning from this trip & Haley who is my 18 year old sister celebrating her senior year! When: February 21-February...
  12. WDW_Emily

    Pre-Trip Sister's run the world!

    Hello! And welcome to my pre-trip report! Believe it or not this whole trip was planned only a month ago and we leave in under 20 days :eek: Here is our story... This story starts back a year ago, right after Princess 2017. I (Emily) ran the 5k and 10k and instantly fell in love. When I got...
  13. WDW_Emily


    Please move if this is in the wrong place or not allowed. I am a 5th grade teacher in an urban school district in Massachusetts and we are about to begin a unit on animal conservation. I would love it if at the end of the unit I could give my 40 students each a conservation hero button. Would...
  14. WDW_Emily

    Coronado Updates?

    Anyone know how construction is looking over there? We are staying at Coronado Feb 20-25th and would like to know which buildings have been updated/ any tips on which buildings to request for online check in. Noise doesn't matter but we would like to be near a bus stop.
  15. WDW_Emily

    Annual Pass and Travel Agents

    I am thinking about getting an annual pass because I will be going to Flordia 3-4 times this upcoming year (February, April, June, and possibly October). I am currently booked for the princess weekend through a travel agent who informed me that he cannot applied any discounts on the Disney...
  16. WDW_Emily

    Snacks with hazelnuts

    Hello all, I recently got allergy tested and came out very mildly allergic to peanuts and a severe hazelnut and lobster allergy. I have notified all my dining reservations of the allergies but I wanted to get an idea of snack foods. Are there any snacks that are made with hazelnut or on the...
  17. WDW_Emily

    Disney YouTube channels!

    One thing I love to do when I can't be in Disney is to watch other people's Disney YouTube videos! If you have a Disney YouTube, comment the link down below! Here is mine, it's mostly reviews right now but will include my trip when I go in August...
  18. WDW_Emily

    Trip Report We ran a thing?!?! A 2017 Alumni Reunion Trip Report

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my February 2017 Trip Report! This trip was a reunion for myself, and two of my roomates who all used to work at Animal Kingdom. We also signed up to run the princess 5K and 10K! This trip was full of fun times, struggles, and of course, running. Lets begin!
  19. WDW_Emily

    Gluten Free Disney

    Alright guys my trip is in a short 11 days :D. Last time I went to Disney, I knew I was lactose intolerant and had no trouble taking medicine and enjoying my normal Disney treats. Two days ago I was told by my doctor to do a gluten free diet. Coming from someone who eats sandwiches for lunch...
  20. WDW_Emily

    What do you use to carry things when running?

    Question is basically in the title. I'll be running the princess in February for the first time. I don't need much on me when I run just my phone and my inhaler in case of emergency but I don't want to carry a bag during the race
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