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  1. Kobe!!

    Streaming The Magic - Facebook Page

    What is the deal with this Facebook page that they are constantly asking for "donations" for them to go to the park and stream their day among other things. Is it just me or does this not seem right? Maybe I'm not understanding something but I've never seen this before. Any clarification would...
  2. Kobe!!

    Disneyland Tram Accident...

    Saw on the 10:00 news here in Chicago there was a accident of some sort at Disneyland involving one of the trams... Anyone have any details...
  3. Kobe!!

    Disney's Loan Ranger Trailer

    Just released for the Superbowl!
  4. Kobe!!

    RIP: ICP @ Vista Way

    A ICP at or near vista way was struck by a car. Rumor to be it was a hit and run. More details to come. RIP.
  5. Kobe!!

    Is It Necessary To Charge For Parking

    Along the lines of parking like the other thread that is going around... Do you think Disney really should charge for parking? Maybe include it w/ the ticket price instead (sort of a cover up)?
  6. Kobe!!

    Should CM's Get Better Discounts?

    Is it just me or is the 20% off a joke? The room discounts are nice (if you're staying at a Value Resort) but considering the prices they charge for other rooms, it should be even more! The food is marked up so high as it is and we hardly get a discount on it let alone there are like 20...
  7. Kobe!!

    ToT Fight!!! Umm...
  8. Kobe!!

    Cast Members Able to Grow Beards Now

    I'm hearing a new rumor as of earlier today that male CM's will now be able to grow beards! Oh boy!
  9. Kobe!!

    American Idol Experience Winner on Season 11 One of the very first contestants to win a ‘Dream Ticket’ at Disney’s American Idol Experience attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the first to win...
  10. Kobe!!

    At What Time..

    Does the DHS Christmas lights go on at? I know it's dusk, but can anyone give me a rough time? Thanks! :)
  11. Kobe!!

    Steve Jobs Passes

    Disney's biggeset stock holder, Steve Jobs has passed on today at the age of 56. RIP Steve! :(
  12. Kobe!!

    Disney Dining

    Any suggestions on places to eat? Price is not a option. I'm considering Cali Grill, Citricos, Ohana's, Boma. Any reviews on those or anything you think is worth while would be greatly appreicated! :wave:
  13. Kobe!!

    ISO: Apartment

    Not sure if this is the right area but I am looking to move to Orlando and was wondering what are some good apartment complexes near by? I've looked a few up already but I figured maybe some locals may be of help. Any help is always appreciated! :wave:
  14. Kobe!!

    Boat Question(s)

    Are the Tom Sawyer Island boats on tracks? The boats that take you to and from MK? :o
  15. Kobe!!

    Firetrucks At Magic Kingdom lastnight

    Does anyone know what the deal was last night around 11ish near the entrance to the tunnels? There was two firetrucks with their lights on... kinda unusual, eh? :shrug:
  16. Kobe!!

    Herbie Leaving LMA and Lightening McQueen to Replace..

    ssia... not sure if this is old news or not but ya.. lol :o
  17. Kobe!!

    Tron Legacy

    Ok all, so I just came back from seeing Tron Legacy and needless to say I thought it was pretty good! After seeing it I was thinking the following; (I know it's not going to happen but it's a hypothetical) What if Star Tours 3D was not reallying happening and Disney was building a Tron ride...
  18. Kobe!!

    Jungle Cruise Question

    Not sure if I should be posting this here or in the CP section / Employment section but I was curious on IF I got accepted to work the Jungle Cruise why am I so nervous? Anyone have any helpful hints? I don't know if it's the suspense right now that's making me all giddy, or what exactly. I...
  19. Kobe!!

    Jersey Shore

    DJ Pauly D is at The Grand Floridian!!! :eek:
  20. Kobe!!

    Restaurantosaurus @ Animal Kingdom

    I heard they have a new menu... any truth to this...
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