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  1. HoneyBee1991

    Share Your Magical Moments! Let's Spread Some Joy

    Have you ever had a magical moment at WDW or Disneyland? They can be super special and are completely unexpected. I think sharing moments like this could be a good positive story time we could all use right now. I was too young to 100% remember when we received a magical moment with my mom but...
  2. HoneyBee1991

    Worth the hype? Snack Edition

    We already talked about restaurants that either didn't live up to the hype or you had an unpopular opinion of. But what about individual items? Snacks, drinks and "must try" items from restaurants (I'm looking at you zebra domes). Side topic - What snacks were you told "it's so big you want to...
  3. HoneyBee1991

    Will the Pandemic Curb the Price Increases?

    Do you think the pandemic will have a positive influence on the price increases we have been seeing? Do you think 2021 will be a good year for specials and discounts? I feel like they will have to offer some sort of incentive for people to feel 100% comfortable with the idea of being in a...
  4. HoneyBee1991

    Where do the locals Eat? Orlando Restaurants

    So I LOVE me some disney dinning (mostly for the characters/atmosphere) but we will be off property at least half the time on our next trip. What are the yummy (but reasonably affordable) restaurants the locals eat at? Where should we go? Any that scream, "oh my gosh you have to eat HERE when...
  5. HoneyBee1991

    Child turning 3 on Disney Trip - Is she free?

    So we are trying to plan our next trip to WDW, at least get the year to go set. I know kids UNDER 3 get free entry to the parks. My question is, if she is 2 at the start of the trip but turns 3 (has her birthday) during the trip is she still getting in for free? If not we will just go right...
  6. HoneyBee1991

    Fort Wilderness - RV and Other Rentals

    Let me start by saying I am not a camper. My family camped every summer for weeks and weeks my entire life and I would be perfectly happy to never sleep on the ground again. But my husband loves the RV camping experience and that isn't something I have ever tried. I love the outdoors and I...
  7. HoneyBee1991

    Fastpass+ window question 🤦‍♀️I should know this by now.

    On our next trip we plan on staying on property for only the first 2 nights. (We have plans at other Orlando area attractions). We want to spend those nights enjoying as much as we can of AKL and NOT go to the parks on those days. Because we want to spend days in the park when we are at a boring...
  8. HoneyBee1991

    Where was honey I shrunk the kids?

    Was it at MGM or Animal Kingdom? Where in the park was it? What ended up replacing it?
  9. HoneyBee1991

    Worth the hype?/Unpopular Opinion

    Have you ever went to a restaurant that was recommended by everyone and it didn't live up to the hype? Or have you experienced great food at a notoriously "bad" restaurant? Do you have an unpopular opinion on a disney restaurant. Literally everyone told us that Sanaa was SOOO AMAZING! Guess...
  10. HoneyBee1991

    The Ultimate Disney Trip - Kid Addition

    My daughter is still a newborn and originally we had thought we would do her 1st trip around 2/3 years old and then go on short trips every 2 years or so. Now it is looking like we will have to wait longer 5/6 years old to start and go maybe every 6 years on longer trips. Since the trips will...
  11. HoneyBee1991

    Disney Tours for Pregnant Women

    We did the starlight safari in December at Animal Kingdom Lodge and loved it! We are going to Disney for a long Labor day weekend and would love to do another fun tour. I don't think we can do any of the safari rides because of me being pregnant. What are some great tours that pregnant women...
  12. HoneyBee1991

    Annual Passholder Question

    Probably a silly question but how long is an annual pass good for? Is it exactly 365 days? If I got get December 19th of last year will it end December 19th of this year?
  13. HoneyBee1991

    Partial Stays at Disney Resorts

    Originally we were going to stay the whole trip this fall at a Disney resort. But that is making less and less sense as planning goes along. We will be driving from Tennessee and using a car. My mother has a weeks rental including with her time share we can use for free. So paying to stay all...
  14. HoneyBee1991

    How to handle the Wet and Rain?

    One of my guilty pleasures is splash mountain but I have a hard time getting my husband to do it. His reasons are understandable. You can end up wet for hours after wards. Sometimes the Florida sun will dry you out sooner and sure you can wear ponchos on the ride but it kinda takes away the fun...
  15. HoneyBee1991

    Preferred Rooms - Value Resorts

    I wanted to request a building on my check in and noticed it didn't give me an option for building 1. Is that because those are considered preferred rooms and they cost extra? Is building 1 at every value resort considered preferred?
  16. HoneyBee1991

    Non-Alcoholic Specialty Drinks

    What are your very favorite WDW non-alcoholic specialty drinks? I like the frozen lemonade at Harbor House and the Night Blossom in Pandora.
  17. HoneyBee1991

    ADR Questions: Changing Party Size

    We are doing a girls trip in late September/Early October. My mom and best friend are coming with me. Mom and I are going for 7 days but my friend has a tight work schedule and can only swing a few days. On top of that, she isn't sure which days she can make it. I am in charge of making the...
  18. HoneyBee1991

    Looking for a recipe for Mr. Kamal’s Seasoned Fries

    Please let me know if you have one!
  19. HoneyBee1991

    Tips for WDW when pregnant

    I'd love to hear some tried and true tips for going to WDW when you are in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I have already found out what rides you can and can't do when pregnant. But I would like some other practical advice. Like best places in the park to sit and cool down, things you didn't...
  20. HoneyBee1991

    Anyone Going to WDW in Sept or Oct 2019?

    Is anyone heading to WDW in late September or Early October? What are you planning to do or most excited about for this trip?
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