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  1. jmani56

    France Meet & Greet Construction

    Does anyone know how the progress of this is coming, or have photos? Not that I'm interested in meeting characters, but I'm taking my fiancé to WDW (her first time ever) in early November and our first stop of the trip is France for dinner via International Gateway, and I was hoping there...
  2. jmani56

    Castle Redo's

    This may be a crazy question, but with other Disney parks around the world getting amazing castles (particularly the new one in Shanghai), do you think they would ever redo the ones in WDW and DL? I can't imagine those parks being castle-less while new ones are constructed, but I think it will...
  3. jmani56

    How does WDW stack up against exotic international vacations?

    Hello everyone, quick question for those of you who have traveled abroad. One of my favorite areas of WDW is World Showcase, and I am concerned that after traveling to Europe next year, Epcot may lose it's appeal to me. Has anyone experienced this after seeing the actual countries represented...
  4. jmani56

    Top of the World Bar at Bay Lake Tower

    Hello everyone, quick question: Can anyone go hang out at the Top of the World bar at BLT, or do you have to be a vacation club member or resort guest? If so, can you go up to California Grill just for a drink? I've been for dinner before, and I remember having to be escorted by a cast member...
  5. jmani56

    Epcot Pavilion Sponsors

    Forgive me if this has been discussed/answered before, but I have a question about Epcot and it's sponsorship model... We always hear that pavilions (like WOL) will never be reopened or improved upon without major funding from sponsors. Why is this? The other parks all function without...
  6. jmani56

    Bored at night in WDW

    I was never a big fan of Pleasure Island, but recently I noticed that there were a couple of venues that I would have liked to check out. Adventurer's Club is the obvious one, but P.I. Jazz Company sounded pretty cool as well. It made me think of the serious lack of things to do for adults at...
  7. jmani56

    April 24th Weekend

    Anyone gonna be at WDW? I'm there 24-27.
  8. jmani56

    Bars at Restaurants

    Does anybody have a list of all the restaurants in WDW (specifically Epcot and Epcot Resort Area) that have bars included inside the restaurant? I am going on a solo trip and prefer eating at bars, it's faster and I don't have to hog a whole table. Thanks.
  9. jmani56

    Boardwalk Studio??

    Hi everyone, would just like a little advice. I have an opportunity to stay at a Boardwalk regular room OR a Boardwalk Studio for the same price. Is one better than the other, location-wise? Has anyone stayed in a studio? How are the views? I was told the standard rooms are bigger, but lack...
  10. jmani56

    What is going on with prices & availability??

    I keep hearing how bad the economy is and that people are traveling less... that's what makes this so confusing. The last two times I have tried to book a trip in the OFF season, nearly every resort is full and the crowds at the parks are horrible. I have been told by numerous cast members...
  11. jmani56

    Where is Ratatouille?

    Somebody mentioned the lack of Wall-E merchandise at WDW, but things are MUCH worse for Ratatouille. Throughout all the parks and resorts, I couldn't find even ONE piece of merchandise... not even a single pin at DTD Pin Traders. Last year the gift shop in France had a bunch of items, but this...
  12. jmani56

    Free Dining?

    What is this Free Dining plan I keep hearing about? Is it available to AP's?
  13. jmani56

    How bad is July/August?

    I was thinking of going for a long weekend in July or August, but I keep hearing that it's way too hot and the crowds are unbearable. How bad is it really? I always go in the off season so I have never really had a bad experience with crowds. How long of waits can I expect for popular rides...
  14. jmani56

    WDW park music not original scores?

    I've been hearing the Soarin' queue loop music on tv commercials, movie credits, etc. I thought that this was an original score that Disney created for the attraction, but it doesn't look that way. I have also heard the music for Illuminations at the Hard Rock Casino when I was down in Ft...
  15. jmani56

    Anyone gonna be in WDW this weekend?

    Dec. 14-17?
  16. jmani56

    TDS Brochures

    Does anybody know where I could order a vacation planning kit for Tokyo Disney? Even just brochures would be nice. doesn't offer anything like that. Thanks.
  17. jmani56

    Disney Restaurant Pictures

    One part of WDW that I haven't seen enough of is the interior of all the restaurants. Anyone have some pics they can post? I'm particularly interested in the Coral Reef Cafe and any World Showcase eatery. Thanks.
  18. jmani56

    Best Post-Ride area

    Maelstrom for me, that dark Norwegian seaport is awesome.
  19. jmani56

    Boat Ride

    I consider myself a WDW expert, but I just discovered from reading another post that there is a boat ride from DTD to both Port Orleans resorts - I had no idea. Is it a nice boatride? Anyone have pics I could check out? Thanks.
  20. jmani56

    SSE Video

    Hey does anybody know where I could download a high quality video of Spaceship Earth in its current form, before the rehab hits? I tried to video it myself one time with my regular digital camera, but it turned out pretty bad. I'm looking for something high resolution, well lit, maybe including...
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