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  1. Tom P.

    U.S. Space Force Logo Unveiled

    President Trump today tweeted out what he says is the official logo of the new United States Space Force: And for those who are not familiar, here is the logo of Starfleet Command in Star Trek: Quite a coincidence, no?
  2. Tom P.

    Promotions for... Christmas?

    So first, Disney releases a free dining offer that runs up until two days before Christmas. Which means that you could be there for Christmas/New Year's and get free dining for all of it. Then today, I see that Disney has released a promotional package specifically targeted at getting people to...
  3. Tom P.

    Fall and Holiday Offer -- $0 Discount?

    So this actually came up when I was looking at some dates in late October for All-Star Movies: The dates I was searching for were not included in the Fall and Holiday room offer, as they are in October, so I get why there's no discount. What I don't get is why the site shows a promotional...
  4. Tom P.

    News Re-Usable Bag Price Increases

    From The DIS: Prices on re-usable shopping bags are being raised anywhere from 50% to 100% a few months after the products were introduced in the first place. Anyone still want to argue that...
  5. Tom P.

    Insanity Pricing Officially Reached

    For March 16 - 22, 2020, a standard room at Pop Century is going for $213.33 per night. I really don't know what to say other than that we have officially reached "insanity level" on resort pricing. I know these are rack rates and that Disney could offer discounts down the line, but still... a...
  6. Tom P.

    Mini-Golf Thread Removed?

    I started a thread about the reserved tee times at the mini-golf courses. There were a number of replies and discussion about it. Now it seems to have been completely deleted. Why? I understand that there was another thread on the subject already in progress that I missed, but why not simply...
  7. Tom P.

    Getting Out of the Disney Store Business?

    It was announced that our local Disney Store is closing later this summer. There seems to be a lack of any statement at all from Disney corporate, but our local newspaper did a story on the closing and spoke with the management of that particular store as well as the management of the mall it...
  8. Tom P.

    Earliest Time of Year for Water Parks

    Folks, What would you say is the earliest time in the year when you could guarantee that the weather at Walt Disney World would be adequately warm for water parks and pools? I know that any time of year often has days where it is warm enough, and that at least one water park is open year...
  9. Tom P.

    Using Package Tickets Early

    Hello, Prior to the change to date-based pricing, if you had tickets that were tied to a Magic Your Way package (room/tickets/dining), you could go to Guest Relations and begin using the tickets up to 3 days before your resort check-in date. So, for example, if your check-in date was July 10th...
  10. Tom P.

    A Poll About This Poll

    Here is a pointless poll. There is not a point to it. Hence, its pointlessness.
  11. Tom P.

    ADR 180+10 Clarification

    Hello, We are going to be staying on property for a stay in August. Right now, we have six nights booked at Pop Century, but will likely add an additional 3 nights at another resort as we get closer to time. As we are staying on property, we get access to the 180+10 benefit for ADR's. But does...
  12. Tom P.

    Pop Century -- Standard vs. Preferred

    Hello, We've never stayed at Pop Century before. Can someone tell me how much actual difference there is, in terms of walking distance to the main building, between a standard room and a preferred room? We do like to take advantage of the food court, the refillable mugs, the arcade, etc. so we...
  13. Tom P.

    Bob Iger Discusses Disney History vs. Innovation

    Many of you may have seen this, but I ran across a relatively recent interview with Bob Iger on YouTube, which I thought particularly interesting in light of many of the discussions that take place on these forums. Here's the quote I found particularly interesting regarding when he took over...
  14. Tom P.

    Go With Your Gut

    "They’re making a mistake because I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me." - President Donald J. Trump Whether you are pro-Trump or anti-Trump, I don't think there has ever been a better explanation of how Trump operates and makes decisions...
  15. Tom P.

    Stan Lee, Brett Kavanaugh, and #MeToo

    So I've been watching the news coverage of Stan Lee's death, and I've been wondering where the consistency is. Stan Lee has, over the past year or two, had multiple allegations of sexual assault leveled against him. Yet all of the news stories I am reading about his passing are full of...
  16. Tom P.

    Bob Iger at WDW; Gives 55 Year Service Award

    According to his Twitter feed, Bob Iger spent the weekend at Walt Disney World. He presented a 55 year service award to a cast member by the name of Dwight Door. Does anyone know anything about Mr. Door and what positions he's held within the company? That's quite an impressive length of...
  17. Tom P.

    Yacht Club Being Evacuated - 5-15-2018 at 4 p.m. EDT

    Reports are circulating around social media -- as well as the site that shall not be named -- saying that fire alarms are going off throughout Yacht Club following a possible lightning strike, and that guests are being evacuated.
  18. Tom P.

    One Night at Fort Wilderness

    Hi folks, We are going to be doing a single night in a Fort Wilderness Cabin. We have a week-long stay booked over at Art of Animation in a family suite with free dining before that. We decided to add an extra night at the end of our trip, and since they wouldn't let us add an extra night...
  19. Tom P.

    Anyone Not Want Online Check-In?

    So I noticed that Disney has announced an update to the My Disney Experience app that allows for full online check-in. You can put your credit card information in, authorize charging, make room requests, get your room number, etc. This isn't like the old "bypass the front desk" feature where you...
  20. Tom P.

    Party Ticket for Child Turning Three

    Hi folks, We are going to Walt Disney World this September and will be there on our son's third birthday. Because we will be checking in before his third birthday, we have been told -- both by Disney and by our travel agent -- that he is counted as two years old for purposes of room occupancy...
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