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  1. Kman

    Anticipated Crowds in Spring 2021

    We are thinking of taking the whole family to WDW in late April 2021. Do you think the crowds for the 50th will have any impact at that time or are we too early? I would think we are fine as October is the official kickoff but just wondering. Thanks everyone
  2. Kman

    How Early Should I Rent DVC Points?

    My wife and are thinking of tacking on 3 nights at WDW starting Nov 15, 2020 at the end of a beach vacation. We have rented before and want to do it again. Seeing that when you rent it is a done deal we want to make sure we are actually going to go. I would like wait until we are inside 7...
  3. Kman

    Trip Report Whirlwind Stay- Some Comments

    My wife and I are currently on vacation on the Atlantic coast for some beach time. We find it nearly impossible to go to Florida without visiting WDW in at least some capacity. We actually decided to stay for one night at Disney to make the 2-hour drive worthwhile. While we did not go to any...
  4. Kman

    Hotel Hopping and Parking

    I couldn't find any thing specific to this. If anyone can direct me I would appreciate it. At any rate, at the end of November are going to Florida for a week away and we thought we would go to WDW to hang out for the day. How does the parking work now if you are just running around to...
  5. Kman

    Trip Report Awesome Trip (Kind of done with the Parks for Now)

    We just came back from 12 nights at WDW staying with DVC at Poly and WL Villas. First time for both and we LOVED both. A quick overview: The Poly villa was very nice & spacious and the resort is awesome. Love being so central to everything. It was a good thing I listened extensively to the...
  6. Kman

    Is FastPass Messed Up?

    We just came back from 12 days at WDW (had a great time). One thing we noticed was that the FP lines are ridiculous. There was a point, for instance, at SSE where the FP line was almost as long as the stand by line! We noticed this on several attractions. Seems crazy. What's really...
  7. Kman

    I Can't Believe 'Ohana!

    We are scheduled to be in WDW from November 4-16th. I have been trying to book a dinner for 5 at 'Ohana since the 180 window opened up and I cannot get a time slot despite trying multiple days. I thought that time period would be relatively slow at WDW. Most other things are easy to book but...
  8. Kman

    Resort Security

    We just finished a day at WDW going between the various resorts etc. I didn't realize that they had installed security at all of the entrances to the monorails. It was pretty thorough as well. Every single bag was checked quite extensively. It wasn't too busy for the most part but at one...
  9. Kman

    Can You Still Resort Hop??

    I seem to remember this being discussed some time ago but I don't recall what the final situation was. My parents were recently at WDW and wanted to do some resort hopping the one day same as they always do. When they went to FW they were not permitted to park their car in the lot. I found...
  10. Kman

    Which DVC Resort Is Most Available??

    We currently have 5 nights of point rental booked for next November at a Poly studio and have a request in for another 7 nights at the same. It's been close to a week and we are not getting any action on the 7 night request and I am starting to think that we might go to a split stay at another...
  11. Kman

    What DVC Resort Works Best?

    We are planning a 12 night stay at WDW next November. We have already rented points for the first 5 nights at Poly for the four of us (me, wife & 2 late teen boys). I have a 2nd request into Dave's for the other 7 nights at Poly but I have a feeling that might be tough to come by. I am...
  12. Kman

    Renting Points for Poly

    Hi there- we are just waiting for our 11 month start date to come in a few days and I was wondering, we are going to try and rent points for a studio @ Poly for 12 nights. Can anyone comment on generally how difficult or easy it is to get those points? Are they generally available especially...
  13. Kman

    Frontierland...Awesome Music Loop

    I was looking around for a music loop for Fort Wilderness as that is our family's most favourite resort and I love the music around the Settlement area. I didn't find anything specific to that but I did find the Frontierland loop on YouTube. It is so relaxing and amazing! I don't know if they...
  14. Kman

    When in Fall??

    We are planning a trip for fall 2017 and just wondering what is best. Ideally we would like to go in early November so we miss Halloween and American Thanksgiving. The crowd calender I looked at seemed to be pretty good. Any comments or advice on this? Thanks
  15. Kman

    FW Cabin Renovation

    During our visit this summer there were crews working on a very significant renovation of the cabins. In talking to one of the PM's sounded like almost a complete re-do. Anyone have an update or pics? We love the cabins and would love to see the finished product.
  16. Kman

    That Pesky Last Scene in COP

    Our family are big fans of this attraction. My 16 year old INSISTS on doing it at least once per trip (which I find strange considering is opposition to other "uncool" things we propose to him)- this year we did it twice. Part of it is the charm of the thing- we somehow just love the nostalgic...
  17. Kman

    What Should Disney do About Vaping?

    On our latest trip I happened to notice maybe 2 or 3 people in the parks vaping in the general area and not in the smoking area. I am not sure how many health studies have been done to determine the possible negative 2nd hand impact. The other thing I was wondering was whether there was...
  18. Kman

    Confession Time...

    Who continues to wear their Magic Band AFTER the vacation ends and for how long? We left Disney on Saturday morning and I have yet to remove mine...still considering what I will do for work tomorrow. On the way home I had an older gentlemen approach me at an Applebee's in West Virginia and ask...
  19. Kman

    Several Thoughts

    Perhaps this could go under Trip Reports but I thought I would like to stick in this forum as I thought maybe many of you might have comments. We just came back from 9 nights at the cabins in FW and had a great time. Several things I noticed or wanted to comment on: They are totally re-doing...
  20. Kman

    Universe of Energy Not That Bad??

    We just went on the UoE at EPCOT last weekend as we hadn't gone on it in a few years. Now, before everyone freaks out, I am the first person to admit that this ride is far from perfect or that it doesn't need an update. It does. What I suggesting is that it isn't as bad as everyone claims it...
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