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  1. JaxFLBear

    Split Stay question re: charges

    Housekeeping gratuties are not mandatory at Disney. Officialy, those positions are not tipped based on their pay level.
  2. JaxFLBear

    Epcot hours include dining?

    No you will not be rushed out of the restaurant. Not sure if any in Epcot are currently, but some restaurants are still seating up to an hour after parking closing.
  3. JaxFLBear

    SkyLiner to DHS, what time do they start?

    They should start loading at 9 am for a 10 am DHS open. Currently, they are only loading one family per cabin. We stayed at Riviera and utilized the Skyliner to get to DHS on 9/15. They started loading at Riviera at 8:50 am and there was already quite a line at the CBR station when we arrived...
  4. JaxFLBear

    OKW to Disney Springs

    Boat service between Disney Springs and the resorts is still suspended. Bus service continues to be available.
  5. JaxFLBear

    50% rule

    From the Home Resort Rules & Regulations:
  6. JaxFLBear

    DVC Won’t let me bank my points even though we can’t fly?!

    Yes, it correct. You can't bank points that are already in a banked status.
  7. JaxFLBear

    Advice on Skyliner WL to Epcot

    The DHS bus stop is adjacent to the Skyliner Station. This option would require you to transfer to the Epcot line at CBR. There is a bus stop at the CBR Skyliner Station which is one of the internal stops within the resort. The Aruba bus stop is close to the Riviera Skyliner Station.
  8. JaxFLBear

    What days does CityWorks in Disney Springs do brunch?

    Saturday & Sunday
  9. JaxFLBear

    Moonlight Magic HS - Will it Happen?

    Officially cancelled:
  10. JaxFLBear

    Disability Access Service Card and Reopening of Parks

    We used the DAS on 7/11 and 7/12 and there were no changes in how it worked.
  11. JaxFLBear

    Moonlight Magic HS - Will it Happen?

    They've changed the wording to "Check back later for booking dates and details.".
  12. JaxFLBear

    Difference between Jambo House and Kidani Studio!

    The layouts of the bathrooms are different in each building. I prefer the layout of the JH studio over the KV studio. Jambo House Deluxe Studio: Kidani Village Deluxe Studio:
  13. JaxFLBear

    Moonlight Magic HS - Will it Happen?

    DVC was likely forced to cancel the event by WDW due to the water park not reopening anytime soon. Any TL CMs that are being recalled are being offered temporary jobs at other areas of WDW.
  14. JaxFLBear

    Moonlight Magic HS - Will it Happen?

    The MM events at Typhoon Lagoon in July & August have been official cancelled.
  15. JaxFLBear

    Permits 2020

    Same way the liens were found. Document search on the Orange County Comptrollers website.
  16. JaxFLBear

    Permits 2020

    Once the company that filed the lien is paid, they would file a satisfaction of lien.
  17. JaxFLBear

    Vero Beach reservations?

    Are you using the resort specific website to try and book?
  18. JaxFLBear

    Question about Annual Passes

    APs can activated at any Park Ticket Window or Guest Relations Location. The Resorts are unable to do anything related to APs.
  19. JaxFLBear

    Dining plan thoughts?

    Participating locations can be found here:
  20. JaxFLBear

    My Disney Experience Mobile Order adds Arrival Window, Apple Pay and Gift Cards

    To implement Google Pay in the mobile app would require they add a "button" (and associated processing code) similar to the one they added for Apple Pay. At a physical payment terminal, Apple Pay & Google Pay both use NFC so nothing really needs to be done as long as they accept contactless...
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