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  1. MTBaymax

    Tokyo in March (Happiest Celebration Grand Finale)

    Me and my boyfriend have been planning on dropping by for the Happiest Celebration (We're looking at end of July - 18th-25th); we plan on stopping by SoCal en route and returning from. Problem is, we haven't bought a single thing. That, and we plan on sightseeing a few places. But where to start?
  2. MTBaymax

    Fantasmic Remixed

    So, I mixed Fantasmic 1.0 and 2.0 for the finale track (added a bit of Tokyo). This was the end result. May do a full scale remix of the show; some parts 1.0 and some parts 2.0. Hope you guys like or are open to the idea.
  3. MTBaymax

    The Park Announcers Thread

    So, seeing as we don’t have this topic yet, guess I should start. I’ve noticed that MK has recordings of 2 different “regular” announcers. In lieu of names, I’ll just classify. You got the “Old Guard” announcer - he still does the Kiss Goodnight, MVMCP and IllumiNations reminders, and they...
  4. MTBaymax

    Best Disney Parks Nighttime Show

    We knew this was gonna come. With the recent additions of nighttime spectaculars in the division, I must turn it to you guys. Which one do you think is the best running, and why? (I would rather not talk about Frozen Forever; we all know that's been beaten to death)
  5. MTBaymax

    Disney Illuminations (aka Ignite the Dream Paris)

    DLP released the opening scene of their new spectacular. But it does look... and sound... strangely familiar. (At least we know that English recording didn't go to waste)
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