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  1. EmeraldDolphin

    it's been awhile...

    I haven't been to the forum in such a long time, I can't even recall... I received a birthday message & remembered WDWMAGIC again!! yay!! I'm back!! :wave: A long time ago I could type a Mickey icon. Does anyone know how? I've forgotten...
  2. EmeraldDolphin


    welcome! hi, and welcome!! :wave:
  3. EmeraldDolphin

    what do you do on SNOW DAYS!?

    Today it's snowing, and school has been canceled! So we're home today! I'm going to finish putting up Christmas decorations that are long over-due, and wrap tons of gifts that have just been piling up. Later, we're all going to go to the theater to see Narnia!! It's gonna be a great day...
  4. EmeraldDolphin

    Please keep my sister in your thoughts

    your sister has been in my thoughts as she has been recouperating for a couple weeks now... wondering how she is doing??
  5. EmeraldDolphin

    What Movies in 2005...

    Star Wars III > the trailers look awesome! Chronicles of Narnia > I loved reading them when I was young Harry Potter ... coming out this year sometime I think War of the Worlds > it was filmed here in CT... Tom Cruise was so close... yet so far away! those are my top picks... but I...
  6. EmeraldDolphin

    A Sea World question

    My daughter & I went to Dine with Shamu last summer when we were in Sea World. She was 15 at the time, and we both loved it! The food was excellent, and we both left there stuffed! She gained some great knowledge, as she is planning on Marine Science as a career. We were just in Sea World...
  7. EmeraldDolphin

    Where else do you vacation?

    We've been on cruises in the Eastern & Western Caribbean for longer vacations... for shorter vacations we've visited other places in FL (New Smyrna Beach & Daytona, also Cocoa Beach & Viera) We've been to PA to visit Hershey! For shorter trips we've been to the Cape, NYC, Boston, & we've been...
  8. EmeraldDolphin

    Happy St.Patricks day

    May the leprechauns be near you all to spread luck along your way!! I had a great day yesterday wearing my green shirt from AE that says, "Stumble Inn" with a shamrock on it. I didn't do any stumbling last night though... but we did enjoy our corned beef dinner!!
  9. EmeraldDolphin

    One evening in Orlando

    Our family is flying down to FL to spend Easter with my uncle & his family. We are flying in on Thursday evening, March 24. We're spending that one night in Orlando, and then heading to my uncle's house to spend the weekend with them. We're flying out of Orlando very early on Monday March...
  10. EmeraldDolphin

    thank you

    I'm sorry for your loss, my heartfelt sympathy to you & your loved ones.
  11. EmeraldDolphin

    Intro of myself

    Hi Miri :wave: Welcome! I love your name! It's my middle name, after my mom's 1st cousin / best friend! :sohappy:
  12. EmeraldDolphin

    Disney's Next Hero: A Lion King of Kings

    The Chronicles of Narnia were my favorite books while I was growing up! I'm so happy that they're making a movie about it, and I've read that they'll stay true to the book, The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe. :sohappy: I've been trying to keep myself as up to date on it as possible. I've...
  13. EmeraldDolphin

    Please keep my sister in your thoughts

    Awesome news!! I'm so glad to hear!! She is still in my thoughts & prayers as she recouperates!!
  14. EmeraldDolphin

    MY New Fake Image!! -Please comment!

    wow! that's way cool! I'll hang out with Mickey anyday!! :)
  15. EmeraldDolphin

    Mt. St. Helens

    I had heard about it & seen pictures on the news yesterday... I still find it sooo fascinating & amazing!! My sister lives in Medford, OR & during the 1980 eruption her car was totally covered with ashes also. I remember it screwed up our summer here in CT that year too... it was cold & they...
  16. EmeraldDolphin

    New to the boards

    :wave: :wave:
  17. EmeraldDolphin

    Do you like Johnny Depp?

    :wave: I like Johnny Depp, I get a kick out of how quirky he is, & cute!
  18. EmeraldDolphin

    Looking for wdw partner to hang with

    :wave: Hi! Welcome! I've got a passion for the parks for sure... but I'm way too old... & I've been married almost as long as you've been alive! I'm sure you wont' have a problem finding someone else to hang out at the parks with! Even a guy friend. Good luck
  19. EmeraldDolphin

    anybody seen these or have one?

    I've got Tinkerbell, and my daughter has Mickey & Minnie purses... not from Walmart though... I'll have to check those out!! :sohappy:
  20. EmeraldDolphin

    Yet Another Break Up

    It's always so hard to end relationships... I'm sending you {{{hugs}}} Things will get easier as time goes on. As a mom of 3 kids, (22, 19 & 16) I've been support through many a break up. They are all so difficult in their own way. The only constant in all of them, is that it does get easier...
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