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    AKL room service

    First time staying at AKL. Does anyone know if room service can be ordered from Saana since it's not in the main lodge building?
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    MK after hours question

    Do most of these sell out? We are going on 3/2 but not getting our APs until we arrive on 2/27. I Iave a tennis tournament the weekend before. We're debating on buying the after hours tickets now and hope once we get our APs that we'll get a credit for the difference. We are concerned they...
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    Need EPCOT assistance

    Hi all....Disney veteran with lots of knowledge but there's a couple of things regarding EPCOT that I need assistance with due to recent changes. First time going to Epcot with the wall maze and I know the only way past SSE is to the right. The question I have is what would the best direction...
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    Next few days

    How busy is the marathon weekend overall (in comparison to pro bowl week) and how long does that crowd last into the week after the race?
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    DHS character meal changes

    Does anyone know if the character changes for H&V have occurred yet? I know on here it said 5/13 but Disney (and most of what I've found online) still has the old line up. Or is this only for the show with the new characters?
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    Stop the "If Walt was alive"!!!

    Why do so many people think they have intimate knowledge of Walt Disney and what he would and wouldn't like?? Between posts here and on most of the Facebook pages in the comments sections, it's so tiring and ridiculous for people to say "it's not would Walt would have wanted" or the like. 100%...
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    May the 4th......

    My best friend and I are going to be in DHS on Friday May 4th.... inadvertent somewhat on my part although he is a major Star Wars geek so he thought it was awesome Is the park absolutely nuts or just a little busier than normal?
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    Tambu Lounge/Bread Pudding

    I've been planning to go to Tambu Lounge in the Poly on my next trip in 5 weeks to get the 'Ohana bread pudding but I just checked the menu in the MDE app and it's not on there. Anyone know if they still have it??
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    1/27/18 MK open till midnight?

    Anyone know why the anomaly of the Magic Kingdom hours of 8am-12am on 1/27? We are there from 1/24-1/31 and it's the only different day. I know it's the day before the pro bowl but that's not going to have that much of an impact. This is according to the MDE app hours...
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    What's worse?

    I saw something on Facebook where people were talking about some things they hate about WDW. While there isn't anything I don't blow off while there, I got thinking about the two things that really stinks in departure day and I'm curious as to what others think about these two. Mine is seeing...
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    Car service still available???

    Is the car service/taxis still available at the parks themselves? We used to grab one from DHS after Fantasmic instead of waiting in the bus lines but now is it only the Minnie Vans? We are staying at Pop so the car service was only $7 after tip so paying $20 to go barely 5 minutes is a tad absurd.
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    Extra Fastpasses

    Anyone ever get this in their MDE my plans section? We rescheduled our trip to January from the Irma timeframe and just got this today....these appear to be v extras to be added to our regular three? .Screenshot_20170918-125345 by DisneyMann posted Sep 18, 2017 at 1:20 PM
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