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  1. krause

    FP 9:30-10

    Hi! I just snagged a 7 dwarves fast pass about 32 days out for 9:30-10pm. Anyone ever get a half hour FP window before?? I’m wondering if this means they might extend park closing because it is during spring break?
  2. krause

    Trip Report "It's so dark and my bum goes up!" - A Day in DL/DCA With a 3 Year Old

    Hello all! This is just a one day trip report for a day we spent in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on March 4. It’ll be short and sweet, feel free to read in between cliffhangers in @Tuvalu and @amjt660 trip reports :hilarious::bookworm: Who: Me and my husband Lukas and our daughter...
  3. krause

    Trip Report Goin' Down the Bayou: Takin' You All The Way **COMPLETE**

    I sit here at my kitchen table. Paw Patrol is on the TV, toys strewn around the living room. Breakfast made, eaten and cleaned up, coffee re-heated for the third time, and Malcolm down for his first nap. It feels the same, it’s our routine. Did we really just return from 8 days in Disney or...
  4. krause

    Using QS credits at Festival booths

    Hi all! Does anyone have experience with trading a quick service credit for 3 snack credits at Epcot festival kiosks?? We are going to be in Epcot for Festival of the Arts in February and we plan on eating around the kiosks this way with 5 of us on the dining plan. I’m just wondering if the CMs...
  5. krause

    Pre-Trip My February 2018 trip inspired by YOU!

    And YOU! and YOU! and YOU! And YOU! (But let's be real, mostly @Tuvalu ;)) Hello friends and welcome to my trip report inspired by YOU! I have read what feels like hundreds of trip reports in the last year or so. I have taken inspiration from them and I am ready to do some new things this...
  6. krause

    Budgeting for gratuities

    Any tips on budgeting for gratuities? I'll be going to Disney for the 7th time but first time staying on resort and so first time on the dining plan! We're doing deluxe plan so all table service restaurants and several 2 credits (California Grill, Tiffins, Le Cellier). Any advice would be great!
  7. krause

    How long from airport to CBR to MK?

    Hi! This will be my 7th trip to Disney in January but my first time staying on property! We are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort - If our flight lands at 5:30pm and we take Magical Express to the resort (I hear CBR is usually the first stop??) what time do you think we can make it to MK by...
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