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  1. MagicalMaci

    Fine Tuning My Dining Reservations...

    If you are having a hard time thinking of TS credits what about upgrading to a Signature Dining experience for one of the meals? Our family loved dinner at Tiffin's in Animal Kingdom or California Grill can be a great nice night out on a rest/non-park day! We did Liberty Tree Tavern during...
  2. MagicalMaci

    Favorite Restaurants with Kids (Table or QS!)

    For QS, Harambe Market in AK has great choices as does Woody's Lunch Box or ABC Commissary in DHS. They all have something fun for adults and different (but still very kid-friendly) for kids. For TS, Coral Reef at Epcot is great if they like fish, clam chowder, lobster bisque or shrimp. Liberty...
  3. MagicalMaci

    Cinderella Royal Table

    Definitely not weird at all! If that's what you want to do, you should go for it! :)
  4. MagicalMaci

    When Planning Please Consider using a Disney TA (Kingdom Konsultant) to support them during this tough time.

    Thanks for the great note! Agent Maci here looking forward to lots of great fall trips for my clients!
  5. MagicalMaci

    Disney Springs Resort Shuttle

    When I stayed at the Hilton Disney Springs a few years ago the buses were on a set schedule, so as long as you knew when they were expected it wasn't too bad. The buses were a bit far off the beaten path for pickup and drop off and didn't typically have a lot of shade.
  6. MagicalMaci

    What would you like to see?

    Some really interesting ideas thrown around! Kouzzina (Greek) was one of my favorite restaurants before they closed it and would love to see a Greek restaurant come back. I'd just really love to see them do something more with the American Pavilion. We have so much amazing regional cuisine...
  7. MagicalMaci

    Dessert at Disney Springs

    My sweet-tooth loving solution: Get dessert to go from Raglan Road, have for breakfast the next morning. Go to Ghiradelli for an amazing sundae (or other dessert locale of choice) while in Disney Springs. The only one I probably wouldn't venture to is Sprinkles, as we have one where I live, but...
  8. MagicalMaci

    Best WDW Restaurants #5: Resorts

    So many great restaurants have already been said! Here's a few of mine, in no particular order. Flying Fish (Boardwalk) - a Manhattan and the steak was actually amazing Trattoria al Forno (Boardwalk) - Breakfast - who cares what you eat, the characters are the best! (the food was good too...
  9. MagicalMaci

    Best place to eat at Disney springs?

    You didn't specify if you were looking for Table Service or Quick Service, but if you think you'd all want something different, there are a lot of great Quick Serve and Food Truck options at Disney Springs, you can all probably find something you'd like. My personal faves are both Table Service...
  10. MagicalMaci

    Best WDW Restaurants #2: EPCOT

    Tutto Italia & Tutto Gusto wine cellar - we just love Italian food and it's great here! The wine list is on point too! Spice Road Table - love this newer addition to Epcot. Gorgeous inside, have always had great food and great service.
  11. MagicalMaci

    Best WDW Restaurants #1: Magic Kingdom

    My favorite is a Crystal Palace breakfast with characters before the park opens... but I wouldn't call it the "best" I think for me the best would have to be Cinderella's Royal Table. It's just too magical eating INSIDE the castle! (Skipper Canteen would be a close second!)
  12. MagicalMaci

    Favorite EPCOT restaurant for 10th Birthday dinner?

    There are so many great choices in Epcot I think it would really depend on what he's into these days. I could see Biergarten having a really fun atmosphere for a 10th birthday!
  13. MagicalMaci

    Grrr, can't think up a dinner reservation on our Magic kingdom day.

    You've gotten a lot of great options already! Just want to add that Liberty Tree Tavern or Ohana are great for big eaters :) Both have great and plentiful food!
  14. MagicalMaci

    Bourbon Trail coming to Disney Springs May 1

    Hoping to check this out in a few weeks!
  15. MagicalMaci

    Dinning reservations??

    Sounds like you've got some great choices! Have you looked at Crystal Palace for the second breakfast at MK? It's a breakfast buffet with the Winnie the Pooh characters and we've always had a great meal and a great time there!
  16. MagicalMaci


    You could head over to the resort a bit before your reservation and explore the viewing areas around the resort to get your fill of animals. Then you could settle in for dinner and it would be great to get a window but maybe not worth the wait. Have to echo the naan bread service - yum! We...
  17. MagicalMaci

    POFQ in October.... should I book it now or wait for a better deal?!?

    Sounds like you've already got your answer! We love POFQ but unfortunately it's often excluded in discounts. If you can fit the rate you see into your budget, I'd go ahead and book it. You can always change your mind later and pick a different resort if a deal you just can't pass out comes out!
  18. MagicalMaci

    How far do you live from WDW ?

    About 3 hours by plane! :) I won't be making that drive anytime soon (it's not too terrible, just personal preference)
  19. MagicalMaci

    Restaurant reservations

    For quick service locations - Contempo Cafe is the main one at the Contemporary - you can grab breakfast, lunch or dinner without a reservation. For any Table Service dining at any meal, I always recommend making an ADR because you just never know what the crowds will look like at that...
  20. MagicalMaci

    Lunch suggestions

    If the dining plan is savings really depends on your eating style and preferences. Here are some of my favorite restaurants in each park: Magic Kingdom Columbia Harbor House (QS) Pecos Bills (QS) Skipper Canteen (TS) Epcot Sunshine Seasons (QS) Yorkshire County Fish Shop - UK (QS) Spice Road...
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