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  1. squidward

    Few questions about Dining Plan

    Hi all. Hoping some who know about the DDP can give me some info. We've never used the plan before, but are considering possibly trying it for this summer. We're somewhere in the middle between the regular dining plan not having enough sit down meals, and the Deluxe Plan having more than we...
  2. squidward

    Electrical Water Pageant Questions

    Hey all. Two questions: 1.Can you still see the pageant from any part of the Poly beach with the bungalows in the way? 2.Did they remove the gator after the tragedy last year?
  3. squidward

    Polynesian Studio or Standard Room

    Which do you prefer? I've only stayed in a standard room, but from the videos I've seen, with the exception of the standalone shower in the studios, I would much prefer a standard room. The furniture is much more Polynesian looking to me. I also don't like how the studios don't have a bureau...
  4. squidward

    AAA Discounts?

    Are AAA discounts at Disney Resorts truly a thing of the past? Room only or packages?
  5. squidward

    Undercover Tourist ticket question

    I just bought 5 day base tickets for the 1st time from UT. From what I understand, I can link the tickets up to our Magic Bands on the MDE page, so that's cool. My question is, if we decide to add a 6th day on, will we have any problems doing that at Guest Relations since we didn't buy the...
  6. squidward

    Can you do this (ticket question)?

    We're planning on spending 4 days at Disney. Only 1 day do we plan on park hopping. Instead of paying $64 per person for that one day, can we buy a 5 day ticket instead of 4 (only about $12 more), and go to 2 different parks in the same day, thus using the 5th day?
  7. squidward

    Couple of Royal Pacific Questions

    Having been a few years since we stayed here, I had a couple of questions I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. 1.In relation to Sapphire Falls, how long is the walk? Is it a covered walkway? Is it indoors? I'm trying to figure out if it's close enough to go over for a drink or go...
  8. squidward

    Free night at Hard Rock.....Apparently not

    Really disappointed. We're Hard Rock Reward Members. We just returned from 7 awesome nights. We earned enough points (after 2 consecutive years) for 1 free night. I called to book our room for July 2017 and were told there was no availability for the free night. We love this hotel but this is...
  9. squidward

    Favorite Coasters

    After just getting back from our first trip where we went to Busch Gardens, I've finally ridden all the coasters at the big 4 (Disney, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens). Inspired by the Unofficial Guide to WDW's ranking of the best coasters in Central Florida, here are mine: 1.Big Thunder...
  10. squidward

    Just back from 7 nights at Hard Rock - Some thoughts

    Awesome time as always. Just a few bullet points: 1.We love the Hard Rock, but it would be amazing if they could invest in a machine to keep the pool water cool in the summer. It was like a bathtub. 2.Waited 2 hours for Kong, it broke down twice while we were in line. While the queue was...
  11. squidward

    Really disappointed about Hulk

    So, it seems pretty obvious that it won't be open in time for the 4th of July. I always defend Universal (praise in fact) for their brilliant timing of attraction refurbs. But to have the most popular attraction (outside of WWOHP) closed for both Christmas and July 4th, is very disappointing...
  12. squidward

    2015 Attendance

    List came out today. Sorry I don't have a link. As usual Magic Kingdom was #1 in the country. Biggest news to me was that Universal Studios was only 100,000 shy of Disney Studios. That's not even 300 people per day. Both the Universal parks had the biggest increases again. It's almost a...
  13. squidward

    Avatar - This is what I'm saying

    Not to (or maybe to) beat a dead horse, this rather long article, is EXACTLY what I, and many others, have been saying about Avatarland. Five Years Ago, 'Avatar' Grossed $2.7 Billion But Left No Pop Culture Footprint Scott Mendelson James Cameron’s Avatar defied the skeptics and became the...
  14. squidward

    Disney Springs - Didn't like it

    Just back from a quick trip to WDW. Went to see DS for 1st time. Marketplace is still fine, but as for the rest, I wasn't impressed. Hated the garages. Ugly. The buildings in the Landing are aestetically nice looking, but the shops are WAY too expensive, there's very little room to move, and...
  15. squidward

    Riverside Christmas Decorations

    Going down next weekend. Just wondering if Riverside's theme is interrupted by Christmas decorations. Are they just in the lobby, or all over the resort?
  16. squidward

    Does anyone else find the new castle turrets distracting?

    Not even sure if distracting is the right word. It's almost as if it's too much. Somehow it makes the beauty and special look of the castle seem like less.
  17. squidward

    Looks like my family vacations to Disney are over

    Every year, we do a week at Universal then a week at Disney. We've had to use the GAC in the past for one of my kids. So, last summer was the first year with the DAS and with FP+. Needless to say, we didn't have the greatest trip ever. Between that, the closures at the Studios and the...
  18. squidward

    Just back from 10 nights at the Hard Rock....

    And you know what, we were less ready to come back than when we spend just as much time at Disney. I love both, I really do. But honestly, this was one of the best vacations ever. No waiting around for buses. No standing in ridiculous long lines. Just walking right into whatever restaurant we...
  19. squidward

    A big difference I noticed between Disney and Universal

    Not meant to be a which is better type thread, but just an observation. Universal owns the Fast and Furious series, which has grossed over $3.6 billion. Part 7 alone, in just it's 4th week, is going to pass Frozen on the list of all time biggest movies. Yet while Disney has basically turned WDW...
  20. squidward

    Royal Pacific Construction?

    I was just reading in the 2015 Universal Guide about a refurb coming to RPR. Can anyone confirm this? And if it's accurate, when is it taking place? Also, does anyone know if Sapphire Falls construction will impact RPR? We're booked for July. If it's going to be any issue, we'll probably change...
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