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  1. bsiev1977

    ROTR Boarding Groups

    Does anyone know how many guests get in each boarding group for Rise of the Resistance?
  2. bsiev1977

    The Mandalorian

    Anyone watched yet? First episode was excellent. Awesome ending. Opens up interesting possibilities
  3. bsiev1977

    SGE entry re:ROTR

    I’ve got a friend who’s taking his family down right around the time Rise of the Resistance is supposed to open. Is anyone aware if it’s been planned to use the timed entry groups again when the new ride opens?
  4. bsiev1977

    Rise of the Resistance

    Has there been any info out there about when ROTR will open? All I’ve seen in various articles is “later in the year”
  5. bsiev1977

    Funko Figures

    Does anyone know if any of the shops at DL or DCA ever sell the special edition Pop figures, that are based on the park attractions?
  6. bsiev1977

    Haunted Mansion refurb

    Saw the headline that the Haunted Mansion was closing for a refurb in late November, and I almost freaked as I'm arriving for a week on December 2. Then I read that the refurb is only supposed to be from November 28 to December 2, so all is well.
  7. bsiev1977

    Fantasmic Dining in December

    just asking here to see if anyone has had same/different experience. I've been waiting for the Fantasmic Dining packages to become available for during my trip in December. As of a couple days ago, on the website I couldn't even select dates in December, the clickable dates ended at November...
  8. bsiev1977

    Face character question

    Does anyone know, are the face characters allowed to speak to a video? Meaning, I have friends that have twin 3.5 year old girls, and I thought a nice surprise for them would be sending them a cell phone video of Cinderella or Snow White saying hello to them.
  9. bsiev1977

    Kanga and Roo items

    I've got a friend who has a 2.5 year old little girl that has just gotten into Winnie the Pooh. My trip is 23 days away, and I thought that some kind of Kanga and Roo souvenir would be a nice gift for them. Something like stuffed animals, or t shirts. Has anyone seen these things on property...
  10. bsiev1977

    Christmas Parade taping

    I guess I should have known, thinking all my plans were in order. I'm at WDW from 12/7 till 12/14, and now I see that the Christmas Day parade is taping on 12/6 and 12/7. I have a 7am rez at Chef Mickey on the morning of the 7th, then my plan was to spend a couple hours at MK before heading...
  11. bsiev1977

    Parking at Universal hotels

    I'm booked at the Royal Pacific for 12/5 and 12/6. The only thing i can recall seeing while booking was that self park costs $18 per day. Do hotel guests really have to pay that much to park, or did I miss something?
  12. bsiev1977

    Online Check In timing question

    My online check in window opens in less than 30 days. My question is: at what time should I be able to go on and do it? Is it midnight on that date, or is it at some point later in the day. I ask only because I'm normally up that late most nights, and would like to be able to get that done as...
  13. bsiev1977

    Remaining Balance: $0.00

    That's right, paid in full as of this morning. Did it over the phone, speaking to a live person.
  14. bsiev1977

    Touring Resort Rooms

    Here's my situation. I will be staying in a standard Little Mermaid room at AoA for a week in December. Forward from that, I'm looking towards a trip with some family in a couple years. It would be my sister and niece, plus my sisters husband and his son. The children will be 10 and 5 at...
  15. bsiev1977

    Crossing the 100 day barrier

    I originally booked my trip last year on November 30. Now when I look at my countdown app, it says 99.93 days to go! Can't believe it.
  16. bsiev1977

    Disney Infinity Magic Band surprise

    Just read on that the Magic Band unlocks a surprise toy box item in the game. Apparently, putting the Magic Band where the power disc goes unlocks the Dragon Gate, which in turn unlocks the Disney Dragon. The Disney Dragon being the flying dragon that only appeared at the New...
  17. bsiev1977

    Paying with Gift Cards?

    I'll have the money available shortly to be able to pay off my upcoming December trip. I'd like clarification as to whether I can buy gift cards and use them to pay over the phone. I'd rather not have to use my credit card. My local Walgreens sells the cards that I can put as much as $500 on...
  18. bsiev1977

    iPhone pedometer apps

    Can anyone tell me what are the best ones? There are lots of options, both free and pay.
  19. bsiev1977

    Disney iPhone 5 cases

    Anyone know of a place to get a good Disney iPhone 5 case? I've seen the official ones, but they all seem to be regular plastic. Ideally, I'd like one that is made of a better material, with rubberized corners.
  20. bsiev1977

    Unofficial Guide 2014

    Amazon is now listing August 20 as the date the 2014 UG will be available. Birnbaums is out on September 24.
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