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    Did TWDC Ever Consider a Pocahontas Ride?

    My wife wants to know if there was every serious consideration to building a Pocahontas ride. She is convinced a water ride would be one of the best rides to be made. I told her I would ask the boards. Anyone know? @marni1971 @MansionButler84 or anyone else?
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    Ketchup and Mustard Pumps Removed at Casey’s Corner

    This has to be some sort of joke....
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    New Special for Christmas Week 12/21-12/26

    Bookings at Christmas must be soft. They're offering a five night package with park hoppers, tickets to MVMCP, and a whole bunch of other stuff (including a $50 per person dining card for Epcot) on Christmas week, for $239 per person per night at Animal Kingdom Lodge: Celebrate the magic of...
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    News Extra Extra Magic Hours This Fall

    DHS will opens at 6AM this fall for resort guests starting Sept. 1st.. MK and AK at 7AM for resort guests starting August 29th. From the Parks Blog: The Extra, Extra Magic Hours benefit will include Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as well as other experiences at...
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    First Trip to Wilderness Lodge! Tips Appreciated!!

    My wife and I are going to Disney for 2019 Food and Wine, and we are staying at the Wilderness Lodge for the first time. Help me get excited about it and and let me know any tips you may have!
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    Just left Central Shops

    Very LARGE crates with “Project Alcatraz” listed on them with a lot of black curtains up. No, they didn’t let us look.
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    Late December Avaliability

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. For the first time since I can remember, my wife and I both have the week after Christmas off from our respective jobs. She just found out last week (I always have it off). We thought about trying to go to Disney World over New Years (around Dec. 28-Jan 01) as we...
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    60 Day Fastpass Window for Offsite Hotels

    Various reports that WDW is going to extend the 60 day window beyond the Swan and Dolphin and include a select number of Good Neighbor hotels, including those on Hotel Plaza Blvd. They're saying expect every hotel in Disney Springs on Hotel Plaza to be included, along with several other Good...
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    Points Rental for August 18-20

    Does anyone have points they'd like to rent for Aug. 18-20? It's just my wife and I and we don't care where we stay so if a Studio is available anywhere on property we'd be interested. Thanks! Jared
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    Volcano Hotel

    The site that shall not be named is reporting a possible volcano hotel either on the land between the Contemporary and the TTC or an in-park hotel behind the Jungle Cruise/Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm assuming this is hogwash and/or click bait mainly because @marni1971 noted a while back that...
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    New Ticket Option - 4 Park Magic Ticket

    From the WDW Website: The 4-Park Magic Ticket is the best way to experience Walt Disney World theme parks, with one admission to each of the 4 theme parks for 4 days. Tickets may not be used to enter the same park more than once, and must be used within 14 days of first use or by May 26, 2017...
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    Resort Specific Plates/Cups Making a Return?

    I saw a picture online of a Disneyland specific paper cup and the article stated that they may be moving back to resort-specific paper goods instead of the generic "Disney Parks" ones that are currently used. I know this is a small detail, but it's one of the things that used to define Disney...
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