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    Enough with the TDO slams already!

    Seriously. I mean it. It's already gotten worse than annoying and has over-contaminated these forums to the point where it's more sickening than sickeningly possible! :mad: :hurl:
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    Leave Meg Crofton Alone!

    Please stop picking on her, folks. After all, as Thumper once said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say something at all."
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    The TDO-Bashing Needs to Stop!

    Seriously. It does! It's gotten well beyond the point of being annoying. Those of you still insisting that TDO (Team Disney Orlando) has all the power and freedom to do whatever they want with WDW clearly have thick skulls and need to open up your minds and learn to listen to reason...
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    Who thinks this forum is going downhill?

    IMO, the WDWMagic forum has been going downhill at an alarming rate. The always-insultive fanboys have all but taken over the place and anyone with opposing opinions on anything gets flamed and attacked, just like a 3rd-world dictatorship. Because of all the negative types over-invading...
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    I wonder what happened to ReDisniey E-Dew and his updates...

    He hasn't posted anything new here since August 5th. I miss his highly-informative updates very much and hope he comes back with a new one soon. I wonder what he's doing right now...
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    Where's ReDisniey E-Dew's Updates?

    I wonder when ReDisniey E-Dew will post his next updates...
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    Tiki Room Under New Management Appreciation Thread

    If you like the "Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management", please feel free to post here. If you don't, please don't post in this thread.
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