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  1. zurgandfriend

    I wish Walt Disney World would have a shoe store inside their theme parks and hotels.

    I made a trip to WDW awhile back and forgot to pack “sneakers.” I wore khakis and a pair of dress shoe loafers to go through airport security and for the plane ride down. I realized what I had done after getting to the Grand Floridian. Faced with the option of wearing shorts and dress shoes...
  2. zurgandfriend

    What is YOUR WDW Decade?

    My decade would be 2001-2011. We had multiple trips, 8 in the 10 year span of time. Our DS was ages 5 to 15 and every trip was different for him. As he got older he experiences and appreciated different things. My DW and I loved to watch his reactions each trip, from age 5 “driving” a car at...
  3. zurgandfriend

    Things I really hate about our WDW Resort ( sarcasm)

    I too hate the resort themes. I too hate the quiet time to have coffee and people watch in the lobby each morning while waiting for my family to get themselves together. I hate the friendliness of the cast members as I sit and have my coffee, they are always asking how I am, where am I from...
  4. zurgandfriend

    Which land in Magic Kingdom has the best food?

    We always enjoy Main Street USA. The Crystal Palace, Casey’s Corner and the Plaza are all enjoyable. I’ll agree Tony’s is meh at best.
  5. zurgandfriend

    You went to WDW and you ate WHAT?

    I am basically a puma, red meat, red meat, red meat however after back to back visits to Shula’s, and Yachtsman’s the next night I ordered a plant-based entrée of green peppers stuffed with grain and rice. When I did, my DS said “Dad, that doesn’t have meat in it” and my DW looked and me and...
  6. zurgandfriend

    Riding a ride that broke down?

    We got stuck on two attractions over the years; Delta Dream flight and It’s a Small World. Both time we did not evacuate, and we sat for 20 plus minutes listening to the music. We got stuck on Dream Flight on our Disney moon and once in a while I’ll sing to my DW “We’re gonna take you flying...
  7. zurgandfriend

    Trip Report The Perfect Trip

    Yes he does. When the World gets back to some degree of normal. We want to go as a graduation present.
  8. zurgandfriend

    STK meat market open for business

    In my day it was Mateus and the Hustle.
  9. zurgandfriend

    Trip Report The Perfect Trip

    Yes the wand was still in place, in fact when we went back after they took it down my DW and DS were upset, they liked it.
  10. zurgandfriend

    Trip Report The Perfect Trip

    With the world, both Disney and the real world, shutdown. I have had a lot of time to think and reminisce. I thought I would relive old memories and write a very delinquent trip report. My family, DW, DS and myself, have been to WDW many times. I believe our best trip ever was when son our was...
  11. zurgandfriend

    Worth the hype?/Unpopular Opinion

    Disappointing restaurants for us were Le Cellier, I don’t know what the fuss was about. The cheese soup was the best part of the meal, the steak was only so-so at best. Artist Point, before the character meal, first visit - severer was rude, children running around the restaurant unsupervised...
  12. zurgandfriend

    What is your "Getaway" spot at the Parks?

    The lobby of my resort. Grand Floridian, wilderness lodge, Polynesian etc. I love to sit there in the morning with my coffee watching people while waiting for my DW to get up and get going.
  13. zurgandfriend

    Favorite Restaurants with Kids (Table or QS!)

    My DS always loved Whispering Canyon in the Wilderness Lodge and the 50's Prime time Cafe. As mentioned the California Grill was another favorite.
  14. zurgandfriend

    Your Next Disney Meal

    Grand Floridian Cafe, chick and waffles.
  15. zurgandfriend

    Let’s all take a moment... (Positive thread)

    Funny I was thinking about things like this yesterday. My DS came home from college yesterday due to the virus, everything on hold for awhile, he is scheduled to graduate in May. I watched him walk up to the front door and remembered him 5 years old walking up Main street USA, holding my hand...
  16. zurgandfriend


    It hits me when I get to my home airport. I have to drag our bags off the carousel and find our ride home. It's like a hit in the head that my vacation is over.
  17. zurgandfriend

    Who has NEVER been to a rope-drop?

    Me, I wanted to see what it was all about by my DW and DS like to sleep in on vacation.
  18. zurgandfriend

    Ever had an accident at WDW?

    Many years ago, I sliced my hand on a metal soap dispenser in the Men’s room near Roaring Forks in the Wilderness Lodge. I went to get soap and caught my left hand on a sharp edge. No stitches but it took a long time to heal and I have a nice scar as a souvenir.
  19. zurgandfriend

    Best for a large lively group?

    Whispering Canyon a lively place to begin with.
  20. zurgandfriend

    NOW at Real Life Job

    Dinner time soon, DW didn't make ADR where should we try to eat? Italian, Chinese, BBQ? Not sure what I want.
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