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  1. durangojim

    How are partial day tickets working these days?

    I see on the Disney conference site there still selling tickets for admission after 1 and 5pm respectively. With the hours being cut is Disney allowing people with these types of tickets in earlier? EDIT: I contacted Disney and they said that for now the tickets will only let guests in at 1 and...
  2. durangojim

    Prices at the recent Van Eaton Disneyana auction were crazy!

    $15,000 for a Splash Mountain height sign! Holy cow!
  3. durangojim

    Any news on restaurant openings once more resorts open?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard any rumors or facts about when more restaurants will be opening.
  4. durangojim

    Walt Disney World Park Hours cut starting September 8 2020

    Didn’t see it mentioned elsewhere but it looks like the parks are getting a 1-2 hour decrease starting September 8. Does this mean we’ll see another AP extension? EDIT: Didn’t see this mentioned in the covid thread. Please feel free to delete.
  5. durangojim

    Riviera resort skyliner station and ECVs?

    I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right forum so feel free to move it. I know at most skyliner stations they have a separate wheelchair ecv loading area where they take a car off the line to load the mobility device. At Riviera it doesn’t look like they do, so how do they load ecvs at...
  6. durangojim

    Unpopular opinion: preshows kind of suck 90% of the time

    Having just spent 2 weeks in a post covid WDW, I can say with certainty that we did not miss the preshows in any attractions except Mickey and Minnie Railway because it was the first time we were on the ride. RotR still has the preshow and FoP had an abbreviated one without the “ums”. Overall I...
  7. durangojim

    MDE now promoting DVC

    we just finished a stay at BLT in a 2 br villa which was wonderful. Yesterday, which was our last full day there I had a pop up on my MDE inviting me to go to an open house and get a free gift. I did not have to go at a certain time and it listed a room number in each DVC property that you could...
  8. durangojim

    A physician’s thoughts after spending 16 nights at Universal and Disney

    A little bit about me, I’m a board certified family physician who has been practice for the pat 15 years. We closed our practices to in person visits in mid March and I began seeing patients in person two days a week since mid May. My family and I are fortunate that we are able to go to Disney...
  9. durangojim

    Are birds attracted to the new castle paint job?

    See this almost every day for the past two weeks. Never remembered seeing birds on the line or castle spires in the past.
  10. durangojim

    Passholder and Florida Resident merchandise discounts - September 2020

    My first insider scoop! Expect a 30% AP discount within days on merch. Also TiW is no longer being sold at this time but may be soon.
  11. durangojim

    Will Disney still do luggage transfers?

    We’re staying at CR for 5 nights then switching over to Bay Lake for 7. Will Disney help us transfer our luggage or do we need to do that ourselves? I’m not sure what has changed since COVID. Thanks!
  12. durangojim

    Anyone know how to lower the temp on resort thermostats?

    Crazy title, I know, but whenever we stay at a Disney resort I always have to call maintenance to come in and lower the ability of the thermostat to go down to 65. He/she hits some button combo and I’d able to change the lowest setting. Anyone know what the combo is? I’d just rather not have...
  13. durangojim

    In what ways will COVID-19 change how you vacation at Disney?

    Besides the obvious such as mask use, etc. for us it’ll be that we drive from Michigan and use our vehicle for transportation instead of relying on Disney transportation. 98% of the time we used to fly.
  14. durangojim

    Besides parks and online, anywhere else to purchase a TiW card?

    We're planning on eating at one of the hotels next weekend before going to the MK in the afternoon but I'd like to purchase a TiW first. I don't think it's possible to do it at the hotel though. Are there any other locations to get a TiW card without going to guest services at a park? Thanks!
  15. durangojim

    Expected park attendance numbers?

    Any insiders here hear how many guests Disney expects to allow in the parks for the first few weeks that they open? Be heard ranges from 15-30% of normal but not sure what the means as an actual number.
  16. durangojim

    Any walking/jogging paths around the Contemporary?

    We're there in a little over 2 weeks and I don't really want to use the gym if it's even open. Are there any paths around the resort that are worth going on? I looked on Google Maps but really couldn't tell. I was thinking I could take a boat over to the WL and use the trail to FL but am not...
  17. durangojim

    ADR availability from 7/11 onward?

    Not sure if this should be here or in the dining forum but has there been any news or announcement when we'll be able to make ADRs for in the park or resorts? The CM I spoke with today said it would be available online today but so far only Disney Springs restaurants are.
  18. durangojim

    Will more people be driving to WDW this year and using less Disney transportation?

    We're from Michigan and have been to WDW probably 50 times in the past 25 years. I know there's already a lot of guests who only drive. We've driven to WDW exactly twice. We had 4 trips planned this year. Flew for January, had to cancel April, have reservations for July and November. We'll be...
  19. durangojim

    Extension to TiW?

    Just wondering if anyone had heard anything about if there are extensions to Tables in Wonderland like they did with APs? Also do we know if they will still be offering TiW going forward?
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