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  1. ScoutN

    Entitled Adult Books Cruise in Hurricane Season, Wants Compensation

    Lest we not forget, people died and she wants a credit.
  2. ScoutN

    News Gotta Pay2Play: Paid FP on the way!

    Updated: Jan 10 2018 For Club Level guests.
  3. ScoutN

    Celebrity Infinity Causes $2,000,000+ Dock Damages in Alaska

    @Tonka's Skipper input could be good here. Whether a Pilot was at the helm or not, the Captain should have the authority to abort.
  4. ScoutN

    Playing Your Own Music on CC

    Here is a different topic for discussion that came to mind on our January trip this year. How do you feel about guests blaring their own music on the beaches? Is your opinion changed from family beach to Serenity? We always beeline straight to Serenity Bay when we stop at CC. The family...
  5. ScoutN

    Never Fear, The Postcards Are Here

    I mailed a few postcards from CC on Dec 21, 2013. I had been wondering why in the world I had not gotten any yet. Finally today they were delivered with the postmark date of Dec 26, 2013. Do they typically take that long? If so, here is the heads up for those planning on doing the same.
  6. ScoutN


    How much is it? Is it worth it? Do you sign up on board? Can someone under 21 sit in on it?
  7. ScoutN

    DVC On The Boats?

    A member here mentioned that there is some form of a DVC reception on the boats for member. Has anyone done this before?
  8. ScoutN

    I Did It. First DCL Trip Booked.

    As some of you saw my "Port Advice" thread for Nassau and my RC cruise inbound this fall (my first cruise) I decided to look into DCL a bit more. I decided to take the plunge and book a December Dream 3-Day Bahamas for two. First one ever and my expectations are EXTREMELY high.
  9. ScoutN

    First Cruise. Non Disney. Nassau Excursions.

    I will be taking my first cruise ever this upcoming Fall on Royal Caribbean. It was booked a matter of days ago and I am looking for advice on Nassau Excursions that will not break the bank. The person I am cruising with has been there several times before but all Line sanctioned excursions...
  10. ScoutN

    Safety Raid at DLR. Could it happen here?

    From micechat Being this happened in the absolute WORST state in the Union, it is fishy IMO. It screams as nothing more than a way to create a new department to gain new revenue via fines. DLR surely could not have more issues than a six flags park.
  11. ScoutN

    SEA Looking To File For IPO.

    And thus the plot thickens!
  12. ScoutN

    JOY TO THE WORLDDD!!!! ~Clark Griswold

    That is all.
  13. ScoutN

    Mine Coaster Ride Through.

    I REALLY hope that they chopped portions out for this video. Otherwise, it is PATHETICALLY short!
  14. ScoutN

    Wanted Criminals For Child Abuse Busted At USF

    Excellent job to those who had red flags thrown up around these two and getting these sick individuals caught. I would imagine USF Security played a HUGE part in assuring that these people were tailed or pulled aside until proper authorities (who were more than likely already on prop) could...
  15. ScoutN

    When this Girl Meets World.... (Reboot announce for TDC)

    ...GIRL MEETS WORLD! Wanderin' down this road we call liffeeee! Here comes a proper show for The Disney Channel. Danielle Fishel has high hopes and the original producer back on board. Could this be the show be what finally brings DECENT TV back to TDC...
  16. ScoutN

    RIP Larry Hagman

    So sad to see another great one pass away. His roles will forever remain iconic in the eyes of all living generations and those to come.
  17. ScoutN

    RCI Online Booking Tool Coming to Nov 6

    In an e-mail...
  18. ScoutN

    iPad Mini

    Who is going to Preorder this thing Friday? This event has completely made up for the flop of one two(?) months ago with iPad4, iMac, MBP, and Mini iPad. I am preordering this thing as soon as it opens Friday.
  19. ScoutN

    Once Upon A Time: Season 2 The Magic Is Here

    Who is watching?
  20. ScoutN

    2012 Golden Tickets: SEA and Dolly Beat Out Disney In Most.

    Ahh yes, The annual Golden Ticket Awards are finally out. The World did not fair well; nowhere near as well as it should have. Looks like the company with the across I4 neighbor is stepping it up and showing muscle. SWO will have top 5s in the next two years. Uni is pummeling overall on WDW. BIG...
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